Carmen Sandiego Season 3: Check Out The Release Date, Cast, and Plot For The Coming Season

Over the years, there have been several amazing animated shows that enthralled us. Some of them include hits like BoJack Horseman, Rick and Morty, The Boss Baby: Back In Business, and so on. Another such show brought to us by Netflix is Carmen Sandiego. Carmen Sandiego debuted on Netflix in 2019. Since then, the show has gained immense popularity followed by a massive fanbase.

For those who don’t, Carmen Sandiego is a master thief, who uses her power for good. Along with her sidekick, Carmen Sandiego travels the world to foil VILE’s evil plans. She uses her skills for the welfare of other people while saving the world from VILE, her arch-nemesis.

With an IMDb rating of 7.9/10 and the Tomatometer at 93%, the show has been a smash hit. And after two excellent seasons, the fans are desperately waiting for Carmen Sandiego Season 3.

Therefore, let’s dig into the details regarding the release date, cast, and plot for Carmen Sandiego Season 3

When Will Season 3 Release On Netflix?

Since it’s release, the show has kept a steady rating followed by a decent viewership. As a result, Netflix has officially renewed the show for Season 3. According to the creators, Carmen Sandiego Season 3 will release on Netflix on 1st October 2020.

What Will Be The Plot For Carmen Sandiego Season 3?

Created by Broderbund, Carmen Sandiego is an animated TV series with multiple educational elements. Carmen Sandiego, a super thief, uses her power for the greater good. Along with her sidekick, Carmen travels the world in an attempt to stop VILE’s evil plans.

Carmen’s transition from a promising young student to a master thief is what has attracted the viewers in the first place. In prev season Carmen learned about how her mother faked her death to protect Carmen from Dexter’s actions. According to sources, Season 3 will dig deeper into the personal life of Carmen Sandiego. This means we can get to learn more about Carmen’s mother and father in the coming season. Season 2 has left the fans with a lot of unanswered questions. Therefore, the renewal of season 3 could finally give us the answers we are seeking.

Cast: Who Will Return For Carmen Sandiego Season 3?

With no significant exits in the previous season, a major of cast members will voice their characters in the Carmen Sandiego Season 3. This is how the voice-cast stands for Carmen Sandiego Season 3:

  • Gina Rodriguez as Carmen Sandiego
  • Finn Wolfhard as Player
  • Abby Trott as Ivy
  • Michael Hawley as Zack
  • Liam O’Brien as Professor Halestorm
  • Mary Elizabeth McGlynn as Coach Brunt
  • Sharon Muthu as Dr Bellum


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