Are Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes still dating?

Actress and singer Camila Cabello recently opened up about her relationship with Shawn Mendes. They are in a relationship from the last 8 months.

Recently in an interview with Jimmy Hill during Global Awards 2020 in London. Jimmy asked Camila if the couple would collaborate gain to get new music for their fans. In 2019 they collaborate for “Senorita” which was a big hit.

Cabello was very open and honest about her relationship, she said the collab won’t happen anytime soon, She also confessed that the couple doesn’t spend much of their time together.

Source: Instagram

Cabello responded, “I want more, we want more, but honestly, we’re being in our 20s,”.

Jimmy tried to probe a with a couple of more questions, he asked if it is due to their busy schedule they are not able to collaborate.

Cabello responded.

“No, not even like that, Just, like, being in love is exhausting; it takes it out of you.”

She added “We can’t even go to the studio, we can’t. We’re trying to calm down.”

Jimmy joking asked is it because they are too busy doing other things Cabello replied: “No, I meant emotionally!”

No doubt, their hectic schedules have made it difficult for the couple to spend quality time together.

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It’s very evident that the couple is not able to spend some quality time together and it has started affecting their relationship.

Cabella won an award for the best female artist and also talked about her upcoming projects she is working on.

Cabello is currently working on Cinderella which is a remake of the original one. She is also set to go on a tour in the month of May to support her second solo studio album, Romance.

Shawn Mendes who is just 21, wrapped a massive 105 date tour, during which he traveled across the globe.

Recently when Cabello turned 23, Shawn traveled almost 3300 miles from his house in Toronto to a town in the UK to celebrate Cabello’s birthday and to be her side. Cabello has been shooting for Cinderella at the same place.

Are Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello still dating?

Yes, they are currently dating. We hope they find some quality time to spend together and strengthen their relationship.


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