Blake Jenner Vows To “Take Full Responsibility” For Domestic Abuse Allegations By Ex-Wife Melissa Benoist!

Melissa Benoist has quickly become popular across the United States because of her role in SupergirlHowever, the real-life story of Melissa Benoist isn’t as charming and successful as her reel story and career. For those who know, Melissa Benoist was previously married to American actor Blake JennerBut the Supergirl star filed for divorce in October 2017. This decision left the fans shocked, and things took a turn for the worst when it was revealed that the reason behind the divorce was domestic abuse. Benoist filed for divorce citing domestic abuse by her then-husband Blake Jenner. During an interview, Benoist revealed that she had been a victim of domestic abuse in many of her previous relationships.

Though Jenner denied the claims at first, fans of Benoist were sure that Melissa was speaking the truth and all the evidence pointed towards Jenner. And now, Blake Jenner has finally broken his silence on the entire situation after maintaining radio silence for almost a year. In his latest Instagram post, Blake said that he took a year off to think about all the shameful things he has done. Jenner also admitted to inflicting pain on Benoist, mentally, emotionally, and physically during the time they were together. Jenner has vowed to take “FULL RESPONSIBILITY” for the domestic abuse allegations levied against him by his ex-wife Melissa Benoist.

Blake Jenner Vows To Take Full Responsibility For Domestic Abuse Allegations By Ex-Wife Melissa Benoist!

Jenner shared a long and heartfelt post on his Instagram in which he admitted to all the allegations of domestic abuse against him. Blake said that he was sorry for all the emotional, mental, and physical pain he inflicted on Benoist during their time together as a married couple. In November 2020, Benoist shared a 14-minute Instagram video detailing her experience of domestic abuse at the hands of her former partner. She described instances in which Jenner slapped her repeatedly, punched her hard, dragged her across the pavement, pinched her till her skin broke, choked her amongst some other cases.

While she did not reveal any name in the video, fans were able to deduce from the video that the actress was referring to Jenner, whom she divorced in 2017. And 11 months after Benoist’s viral Instagram video, Jenner has finally broken his silence with a lengthy post of his own. In this post, Jenner goes on to describe his version of events and vows to take full responsibility for the mental, emotional, and physical abuse in his past relationship with Benoist.


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