Julia Flesher Koch Net Worth is $63 Billion

What is Julia Flesher Koch’s net worth?

Julia Flesher Koch is a philanthropist and businesswoman with a net worth of $63 billion.

Julia Flesher Koch inherited her fortune after her husband, billionaire tycoon David Koch, died. When Koch died, she inherited 42% of his companies.

She married David Koch in 1996 and he died in August 2019 at the age of 79. Julia and David are the parents of three children: Mary Julia, John Mark, and David Koch Jr.

Julia Flesher Koch Bio

Julia Flesher Koch is an American socialite and philanthropist known for her marriage to the late David Koch, who was an American businessman, philanthropist, political activist, and chemical engineer. Born in 1962 in Conway, Arkansas, Julia moved to New York City where she worked in the fashion industry.

Julia Flesher Koch Career

Born in 1962, Julia Flesher Koch would be 61 years old as of November 1, 2023.

Julia Flesher Koch Family

Before her marriage, Julia Flesher worked in the fashion industry, notably as an assistant to fashion designer Adolfo at his New York boutique. Since her marriage to David Koch, she has been involved in various philanthropic activities, often contributing to and participating in charitable events.

Julia Flesher Koch Age

There isn’t publicly available information on Julia Flesher Koch’s exact height.

Julia Flesher Koch Height


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