Langley Walker Net Worth, Salary, Earnings, Income

$1.2 Billion

What is Langley Walker’s Net Worth?

Langley Walker is an Australian entrepreneur who has a net worth of $1.16 billion. A billionaire who made his wealth through his property development firm, Walker Corp., Langley Walker decided to sell the majority of the company right before the global financial crisis in 2006. Ever since, he has managed to rebuild it into a property developing empire whose activities span from residential master-plan developments, industrial property and some large commercial projects in Melbourne.

More precisely, his Walker Corp. boasts a $3.6 billion development pipeline, including city office towers, industrial estates and residential subdivisions. With permanent residence in Sydney, Australia, Langley Walker loves to spend time on his yacht Kokomo III.


Lang Walker, with a real-time net worth of $2.1 billion as of November 9, 2023, is an influential figure in the global real estate industry. Ranking #1408 in the world today, his financial success is reflective of his extensive experience and timely business maneuvers.

Career and Industry Impact
As the executive chairman and co-founder of Walker Corp., Walker has established a robust presence in the property development sector. His company boasts a portfolio that includes office towers, industrial estates, and residential projects. With a career spanning over fifty years, Walker has demonstrated his industry acumen by successfully selling the bulk of Walker Corp. prior to two significant economic downturns—the dot-com bust in 1999 and the financial crisis in 2006—only to rebuild the company each time.

Personal Life and Ventures
Walker is also known for his passion for yachting, owning a fleet of yachts all named Kokomo. This name has graced every vessel he’s owned, save for one, marking his personal brand in the yachting world.

Wealth and Recognition
Walker’s financial milestones have placed him on the prestigious Forbes Lists, ranking #1312 among Billionaires in 2023 and #18 among Australia’s 50 Richest the same year.

Personal Information
Lang Walker, aged 78, has crafted his wealth in real estate, attributing his success to self-made efforts. He resides in Sydney, Australia, holding Australian citizenship. Walker’s personal life is marked by his marital status, being married with three children. His educational background includes a diploma from high school, proving that formal university education is not the only path to significant achievements in business.

Lang Walker’s journey from real estate ventures to his hobbies showcases a blend of professional success and personal passion, culminating in a notable legacy and a substantial net worth.




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