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$2.5 Billion

What is Henry Ross Perot, Jr. Net Worth

Henry Ross Perot, Jr. Net Worth: Henry Ross Perot, Jr. is an American real estate developer who has a net worth of $2.5 billion. One of the top 10 real estate developers in the USA, Henry Ross Perot, Jr. is the Chairman of the Board of Perot Companies, which oversees the manifold Perot family business ventures that include real estate, oil and gas and financial investments. Born November 7, 1958 in Dallas, Texas to an equally successful father, Ross Perot, he was only a child when he witnessed how the American dream unfolds in his living room. Inspired by the way his father built and transformed his Electronic Data Services into an I.T. juggernaut, Henry bravely followed in his father’s footsteps. Once he completed his stint at the Air Force, Perot, Jr. started to buy land north of Fort Worth, Texas. Eventually, he acquired 18,000 acres and built a pioneering “inland port” called AllianceTexas.

It was composed of an industrial airport, a giant rail yard, access to the Interstate and 30 million square feet of warehouses. But luckily for Perot that was not all as drillers discovered the giant Barnett Shale natural gas field right under his land. Since, he has sold off most of the natural gas reserves for $700 million and many of the Alliance buildings for over $800 million. Now, he has plans to build some 30 million square feet in Fort Worth and to carry out other major construction projects in California, Florida and Pennsylvania. Furthermore, he is going to develop a giant oilfield in the Kurdish region of Iraq through his oil company HKN Energy. Aside from putting his money in business, Henry has also united with his four sisters in the donation of $50 million towards the construction of Dallas’ new Perot Museum of Nature & Science.


Henry Ross Perot Jr., born on November 7, 1958, is a prominent American businessman and real estate developer known for his achievements in various fields. This article delves into his early life, career, and notable accomplishments.

Early Life
Perot was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, as the son of Margot and Ross Perot, a well-known American billionaire businessman and former United States presidential candidate. He completed his education by graduating from St. Mark’s School of Texas in 1977 and later attended Vanderbilt University. Following his education, he served in the United States Air Force for eight and a half years, gaining valuable experience.

Achieving the Impossible
In 1982, Perot embarked on an extraordinary journey by co-piloting the first-ever circumnavigation of the world in a helicopter. Using a Bell 206 L-1 Long Ranger II, he successfully completed this incredible feat on September 30, 1982. This adventure showcased his spirit of exploration and determination.

Business Ventures
Perot plays a significant role in various business ventures and serves as the chairman of several companies, including The Perot Group and Hillwood. The Perot Group manages diverse family interests, such as real estate, oil and gas, and financial investments. Notably, he played a pivotal role in the development of the Fort Worth Alliance Airport and is a prominent real estate developer. Hillwood, under his leadership, has undertaken projects like the $1 billion, 1,150-acre development called Harvest in Northlake and Argyle.

Influential Roles
Perot’s influence extends beyond the business world. He has served as chairman of the Texas Governor’s Task Force for Economic Growth from 2002 to 2003, contributing to the state’s economic development. In the realm of politics, he was selected as a member of presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s Texas finance committee in March 2007.

Additionally, Perot has been associated with various organizations and institutions. He is the Chairman of the United States Air Force Memorial Foundation and Co-Chairman of the EastWest Institute. His commitment to education is evident through his positions on the Board of Trustees of St. Mark’s School of Texas, Southern Methodist University, and Vanderbilt University.

Wealth and Recognition
Henry Ross Perot Jr. has amassed considerable wealth throughout his career. In 2010, Forbes reported his net worth at $1.5 billion, which equates to approximately $1.85 billion in 2021.

His contributions have been recognized with the 1983 Langley Gold Medal from the Smithsonian Institution, highlighting his exceptional achievements.

Community Involvement
In April 2020, Governor Greg Abbott appointed Perot to the Strike Force to Open Texas during the COVID-19 pandemic. This task force was responsible for finding safe and effective ways to gradually reopen the state.

Dallas Mavericks Ownership
Perot purchased the NBA basketball team Dallas Mavericks from original owner Don Carter in March 1996. During his four-year ownership, the team did not experience significant on-court success. He later sold the team to Mark Cuban in January 2000, and under Cuban’s ownership, the Mavericks achieved remarkable success, including an NBA championship in 2011.

Legal Disputes
In May 2010, Perot filed a lawsuit against Cuban, claiming that the franchise was insolvent or in imminent danger of insolvency. Cuban responded by asserting that Perot was seeking money to offset losses on the Victory Park real estate development. The lawsuit was eventually dismissed in 2011. Perot still retains a minority stake in the Mavericks, as does Don Carter’s estate.

Major League Cricket Ownership
In 2023, Perot Jr. expanded his sports ownership portfolio by becoming one of the owners of the Major League Cricket team, Texas Super Kings. His involvement, along with other investors, aims to support the growth of cricket in the United States by building facilities across the country.

Henry Ross Perot Jr.’s life and career have been marked by significant achievements in business, aviation, and sports ownership. His contributions to various fields continue to leave a lasting impact on his community and beyond.




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