Ana Maria Marcondes Penido Sant’Anna Net Worth, Salary, Earnings, Income

$2 Billion

What is Ana Maria Marcondes Penido Sant’Anna’s Net Worth?

Ana Maria Marcondes Penido Sant’Anna is a Brazilian heiress who has a net worth of $2 billion. Ana Maria Marcondes Penido Sant’Anna has entered the list of Brazil’s richest along with her sister upon the death of their father, Pelerson Soares Penido, in 2012. He left them majority shares in CCR Group, which is regarded to be the largest toll-road company in the country by market value.

Ana Maria, who holds a degree in business administration from Mackenzie University, now serves as chairman of the board of directors of CCR. Actually, she has never held office in the administration of other publicly-held companies.


Ana Maria Marcondes Penido Sant’Anna, with a net worth of $1.1 billion as of March 4, 2019, stands as a significant figure in the world of business and investment. She was recognized on Forbes’ Billionaires list in 2019, where she was ranked at #1941.

Role in CCR and Legacy of Infrastructure Development
Sant’Anna serves as the vice president of the board of directors of CCR, a leading Brazilian company in the construction and operation of toll roads. Her influence in the company stems from her late father, Pelerson Soares Penido, who founded CCR and expanded it to become one of the largest infrastructure concession companies in Latin America.

Business Ventures and Ownership
Beyond toll roads, CCR has diversified interests, including a stake in STP, an electronic payment system for toll operators, akin to the E-Z Pass system in the United States. Sant’Anna’s personal stake in the company is substantial, owning about 10% of CCR’s shares, which are publicly traded on Brazil’s Bovespa exchange.

Wealth History and Personal Background
At 67 years old, Sant’Anna has built a legacy of wealth through her involvement in the toll road industry. She resides in Sao Paulo, Brazil, maintaining Brazilian citizenship. Sant’Anna is married and has a Bachelor of Arts/Science degree from Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie. Despite dropping off the Forbes list in 2020, her impact and financial success remain significant in her field.




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