Best 3D printing pens in 2020 to level up your “Creativity Game”

Imagine whatever you are drawing taking a 3D form. One needs to have a 3D pen to upgrade their creativity level, a dream come true for artists. We have seen quite many videos of people using this 3D printing pen and make prints in three dimensions. It is quite satisfying to watch. And if you are urged to buy yourself one you have come to the right place. The fact that these pens are relatively an innovation it is expected to be pricey. 

And with these many brands to choose from, it could be tricky to nominate the right pen which fills up all your columns of need and doesn’t dig a big hole in your pockets. Here we offer you our personal Top 10 best 3D printing pen options so you could spice up boring shapes and typical illustrations.

A brief guide on 3D pens.

Before we began with our catalog, let me first tell you what exactly is a 3D pen that it contains to make 3D dimensional figures. Well, a 3D pen looks like a thicker interpretation of a regular pen or a pencil but rather of using lead or ink, the 3D pen regulates using plastic. You inject the plastic filament and once it’s inside the pen, it gets hot from the heating technology inside. The heat is intense enough to melt the plastic, and turn it into a liquid. It’s a delightful view to witness the working of the pen. The best thing about this mystic pen is it can be used on any surface. You don’t always need a paper or a book. For better understanding imagine a hot glue gun in different colors. And the way you can use it is boundless. Nonetheless, it’s, after all, a pen, pick it up and start creating your masterpiece.

Done with much of the foreplay let’s start with the list. I would not only mention names and prices but state my honest review with all relevant and crucial information required for you to make a better decision. The Hits would tell you why and what I liked in the product and The misses part would signify some loopholes. 

 10. BeTIM 3D Doodler Pen

However, BeTIM majorly targets children and teens, the pen in the hand of an adult doesn’t look that bad. No one can control the fascination these pens provide irrespective of the age. 

It has a professional touch to it and weighs around 1.6 oz, not enough to strain your kid’s tiny hands. I found BeTIM’s doodler to perform as well as some of the more upcoming expensive pens on our list. Even though it lacks some features it is an ideal pen for all age groups. 

The Hits.

BeTIM crafts their doodler with 150 ft of PLA and 150 ft of PCL filaments quite contrasting to other pens on the list. In simpler words, it was relaxing to work with the pen without having to worry about reloading it again and again. The pen promises hours of fun. I further noticed there are two finger guards and a mat on the pen eventually meant to protect the workspace. This was rather impressive for the price it demanded. Honestly, the pen is preferably for kiddos at least of the age of 8 and older even though the attachment of finger guards. But five stars to the easy availability of the filament in case you want to replace it. Though, it matches the ‘ultra-lightweight, ’ claim the company promotes. Another great feature about this pen is that it boots up in maybe half a minute.

The Misses.

There are some drawbacks worth considering as it clogs more often as anticipated to the price paid. Also, the temperature dropping below target can make you switch to more expensive options. 


The company sells the pen at a competitive price of $9.99 the most affordable as correlated but firmly it depends on your fate if you catch hold a good piece or all the cash and expectations will go in vain. 

9. TR-life 3D Doodler Pen.

If you get yourself one of the TR-Life you would witness how passionate are the makers of it. From packaging to the product’s design, it is purely remarkable. If you are serious about doodling and consider it something more than a pst time, this is what you need. As the product alleges ” You can draw horizontally, vertically, or in any style you like! The drawing possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

The Hits.

It is the fourth version of the pen and makers have given their best. I was able to witness the working of the pen because of its see-through design which is quite eye-catching, to be honest. It only weighs .81 ounces, so the weight is nowhere something to point out.

The package includes 13 items in total which I would leave it up to you to unleash in person. The TR-Life became buddies with the 12-year-old or with their parents in no time. It is quite comfortable to use and has an excellent key design. 

The Misses.

Even though there are many assets of the pen, I could not overlook some of its liabilities. For instance, the manual which comes along may be tricky to understand. Also, the 3D pen only bolsters PLA filament, and even though the density is definitive, it does not support other plastic types.

The one-button design is not something I am a fan of. It is not enough for the price paid. 

In addition to that, the slow momentum of the pen would not match the kid’s patience and excitement.


The magical pen is priced at $59.54, with every essential included.

But my final verdict would be ( drum roll), I confidently recommend the pen keeping in mind all its hits. Just keep in mind you cannot expect the pen to outdo for the cash it demands. Lower your expectations from it to escape from disappointments. 

8. Glyby Intelligent 3D Printing Pen.

The yellow sparkly color is the first thing you would notice and second it’s espionage. Our next competitor is the Glyby 3D printing pen which is quite popular among the reviewers and users, so I had to lay my hands on it and give my analysis ( basically, that’s what I do for a living). The Glyby pen comes with the pen itself, available in four shades, along with the power adapter, instruction manual, and 3 different colored lengths of ABS filament. The instruction manual is not something I am a fan of but with my basic knowledge of 3D pens, it is not something that hard to use.

The Hits

 The speed of the pen would leave you in a state of awe. It has two LED lights which makes it look for lux. Two LEDs indicate power and when the pen is working. The pen can use either PLA or ABS plastic, and uses standard 1.75mm filament, making restoring the pen easy and affordable. 

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The Misses.

Now, let’s talk about what the pen cannot do and some of the issues I face while working with it. The temperature was honestly hard to adjust, referring to this, the pen left alone with the kid might result quite risky unless and until it’s not under surveillance. But that, however, does not mean it’s not kid-friendly. Expect some trial and error dialing in the temperature and be very patient if learning to use a 3D pen for the first time.


I feel great pride in revealing the price of this master pen. The company ships it with the bill of $50 which is quite reasonable if we consider the pen’s characteristics. You can get everything you expect from a 3D pen without going hard on the cash.

7. 3Doodler 3d Printing Pen

This is one of the pens I fall for the looks of it. What a sexy looking pen!

The fun tool of creativity comes with 50 plastic filaments, which is the most number of filaments expected from a 3D pen. It makes the replacement a cakewalk and doesn’t get clogged. 

Honestly, when I held the pen, the black polish color and the feel of it was quite amazing. For formers, who already have reasonable experience in this genre, the pen would be smooth sailing. For the newbies, it requires some lessons and training. 

The Misses

Further, there are no such drawbacks of the product. If weigh is something of your concern, it might bother you as the 3Doodler if heavy as others on the list. I believe the pen could be better and more kid-friendly. 


The price of the 3Doodler is just $39.99 giving tough competition to its contenders. Affordable, good-looking, easy to use, and 50 plastic filaments, what else we can ask for?

6. AIO Robotics Full-Metal Premium 3D Pen.

The AIO Robotics 3D Printing Pen feels like a premium product right out of the box. It makes an attractive gift, too, appearing much like a rare fountain pen. The pen gave me a great first expression. Frankly, other 3D printing pens only offer users limited control over extrusion speed and temperature. But if you’re a perfectionist and take account even minute details, this one’s for you.

The Hits.

 It comes with single-degree temperature accuracy and 5-step speed control. The other thing that caught my attention is the metal constructed body of it. This is quite a contrast as the vast majority of 3D printing pens on the market today are created out of poor plastic. Irrespective of the metal torso, its weight is still soothing. However, It’s gorgeous, super slim, and comes with an ergonomic touch. Even though it is smooth working the pen did not overheat, which was quite impressive. The grip made it really comfortable to use. The best thing about it is I could change it up from my typical smartphone charger and it demands only 5V to be charged. Also, it comes with the USB charging port.

The Misses

The pen gives you a great experience but you can’t risk going above 195 degrees C. I would not recommend the pen for a child’s play as an adult would require some time to figure out how it works. It is highly professional.


If you stay in the United Kingdom, you could get a pen in 69 pounds. A little expensive in my opinion. However, the pen is loyal enough to deliver everything it declares. It’s worth the shot.

5. DigiHero 3D Pen.

Finally, we have the best recommended 3D pen for the kids. Before buying a 3D for your child you would take account of the product’s safety and do not have a sheer learning curve. If you’re a parent or a family figure you depend on online reviews before buying something for your kid. Don’t worry we got your back. 

The Hits

The pen might look heavy to the eyes, but once you hold in between your fingers you acknowledge how lightweight it is. It comes in chunky color options to choose from. This is particularly convenient if you’re buying multiples for siblings or classrooms. The DigiHero 3D Printing Pen is primarily marketed toward children and casual adult users. Accessories include a huge pack of PLA filament rolls in 12 joy colors, a useful scuffing tool for lifting models off your work surface, a cradle for easy storage, and a USB power supply. So basically everything you need comes handy. The performance is what you could expect from a child’s device. 

The Misses

However, the pen lacks more of the advanced features like the removal of a nozzle, or a mechanism that can prevent the plastic from jamming when cold. Well, if we consider the price of it, it’s understandable. If you are a pro at doodling already and want more precision in your work, this is not for you. Even though it’s mainly for children that don’t corroborate with the pen’s cheap construction.


However, the pen is worth priced at 48.59 pounds as it is a great gift and good entertainment for seven-year-olds. The pen is easy to use and solid fun for any age.

4. MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen

Hold the magic of 3D printing in your hand with the MYNT3D Professional 3D Pen. Deep down, we all know 3D pens are not reliable do the long run. Some part or another is cheap and doesn’t hold up. However, This pen is lighter than others which makes it seem a little cheap but the features show the quality. 

The Hits

The heating range is adjustable in 1-degree increments which is nice for achieving the appropriate flow and consistency as each plastic is different and uses different temps. One can sure it for non-stop 15 hours without any hindrance. Honestly, it does not clog, the stream of material is easy to control, and it feels good in my hands. The motor works seamlessly. The speed is controllable with a slider on the side. You can set the temperature over a wide range. It shows both the target temperature and the current temperature. As 3D pens are supposed to be lightweight in order to ensure proper ergonomics and easy user experience, this one checks all the boxes of requirements. 

The OLED screen lets you choose among various modes the pen offers but frankly the screen is just for the show business. However, the 3D pen comes with both PLA, and ABS plastic filaments; these filaments can be found in a variety of colors in the market, and even some textured material ones if you want the extra blaze.

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The Misses

As such the product does not have any serious drawbacks, the only thing I felt like a beginner that the manual was useless. You have to rely on online tutorials which are easily available on YouTube to understand the working of the pen, so that’s not something to worry about.

My final verdict would be if you have a 3D printer, you need to have this pen.


You can get yourself an MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen with a cheque of $59.54. 

3. 7TECH 3D Printing Pen.

Looking for the perfect 3D pen which lets you work in ultimate peace, 7TECH 3D Printing Pen is the answer. When you or if you buy the 7TECH 3D pin you will get a package containing One blue 3D printing pen 110-240 power adopter A 3 x 1.75 Multicolored A.B.S filament (10g per loop)

The Hits

An easy to comprehend manual user guide, pretty much everything you require. With a dependable user-friendly model, it is one of the best pens on the list and deserves to be in my top 3 recommendations. You would witness one of the best thermal controls also this pen notifies you every time the filament gets stuck. However, the supplied filament ain’t enough as when the pen is fully operational the temperature can get high, high enough t cause damage to your skin.

The Misses

 The only setback I feel the product has. Although the company has worked hard in making the product elegant and an incredible silent operating mode which is worth complementing. 


As considering the pen is a big no to newbies and kids, the company has kept its price highly affordable $14.99 to be precise. With that keeping in mind, I would highly recommend this masterwork for all creative heads out there.


York creativity would double up with this remarkable mid-air doodling pen. The new updated edition of the LIX PEN UV is worth the hype it’s getting from well-known reviewers and users. You can make objects which are firm and self-supporting because imagine you are making an incredible 3D model and it smashes in no time. We need to consider it’s not a toy or majorly used as an enjoyment. Buy yourself one if you’re serious regarding doodling. That’s why we call it the best professional 3D pen of all time. The pen guarantees to give you a good vibe and an amazing experience. Each new Lix Pen UV package includes:

  • Lix 3D pen UV
  • 1 x bag colored ABS filament (random)
  • 1 x bag refills (40 rods)
  • 1 x External power adapter
  • 1 x USB–LIX pen cable.

The Hits

Well if you ask what makes LIX PEN UV unique and apart from its competitors is the pen’s distinct features. The updated version looks more promising as this one has a new ergonomic design and added stability. It is nice to hold and can presently use a wide spectrum of filaments, which adds to its versatility. The team also enhanced the heating and pulling systems so that the thread moves with more fluency. All you have to do is power up, wait till the bad boy is fully charged and start creating. Easy-peasy. The team has taken the price factor into account as well. They have managed to reduce production costs and passed those savings on to the end-user. I appreciate the manufactures to master in the pen’s aesthetic view by making the LIX PEN UV more compact. It’s actually the tiniest circular 3D pen in the world today.

The Misses

As we are talking about the pen’s professional use, it is anticipated to work continuously without many obstacles. Though I agree that the tiny design is really cute but that makes reloading the filament a tough call. Using spool filament may nullify your warranty but it’s a chance you could take if you want to work continuously. Probably a do or die situation. Also, because of delicate construction, I had to be super conscious while working with the pen. 


Well, this small artwork comes at a high competent price take of £99. Well, as it is said the smallest are the deadliest. But considering the pen’s positive side it’s worth the price for the class it offers. Highly recommended. 

1 Leo Evo 3D Doodler Pen

Finally, we have a winner! Honestly, every recommended 3D pen on the list deserves its position but they are either built or kids or for serious professional doodlers. But Leo Evo 3D Doodler Pen is handcrafted so perfectly that it would suit both the categories mentioned. This basically implies that while it does furnish you with a lot of progressive details that would be enjoyed by professionals and adults like momentum and temperature adjustment it also has a variety of features that cater to kids like doodle templates and a variety of colorful filaments that come with it. So it is a win-win situation. Because of its overhyped claims, it stressed to be tested.

The Hits

Don’t get mistaken for its childish packaging it’s a very capable and well made 3D pen and it includes many features usually only seen on professional-level models.

It’s 6-speed control, crystal clear OLED display, Easy Filament change, and ergonomic shape as enough reasons for it to be the number one. Because of its well-designed body and smooth working drawing becomes easy within a few uses.

The Misses

Honestly, it was hard to pinpoint any loopholes. The pen is just a basic 3D pen as compared to the competitors. Nothing out of the box.


Well, Leo Evo 3D Doodler Pen is the most affordable 3D on our list with respect to its details and versatility. It is priced at $67. To be honest, the pen and the features it offers are aligning well with the price tag so it’s a great value overall.

So, we have ultimately answered your ’to buy or not to buy’ query. Hopefully, our list will encourage consumers in picking the best feasible 3D printing pen. We wish you a fun 3D drawing experience.

Can you use 3d printer filament in a 3d pen?

ABS and PLA are suitable as a 3D pen filament and these are the prominent materials for the 3D printers

How does the 3d printing pen work?

A 3D pen is like a handheld 3D printer. It consists of a heating element and an extruder like desktop 3D printers.

How much does a 3d pen cost?

Prices for decent 3D pens range from $20 to an expensive $150. It depends on features, brand, and other factors. The average price for a 3D pen is around $50 – $70


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