Bella Thorne and Benjamin Mascolo ‘FaceTime’ to Celebrate Anniversary

The DUFF actress, Bella Thorne recently celebrated her first anniversary with boyfriend Benjamin Mascolo via Facetime owing to the coronavirus lockdown which has separated the ever-cuddly couple. The couple has been together seen together since April 2019 and made their relationship Instagram official in October 2019. 

While the couple could not have any actual celebrations, Bella Thorne posted a sizzling photo on Instagram to commemorate the relationship milestone. In the photo, Benjamin Mascolo has a bare upper body and Bella Thorne is sporting a hot leather-print bikini. The photo is from their recent vacation to the Dominion Republic

The phot was captioned –

“Still no idea when we can see each other again celebrating our one year over face time. Wishing I was back in this moment with my Italian rockstar”. 

The isolation has made everyone more appreciative of their life and close ones. 

Bella Thorne is in a polymerous relationship with Benjamin Mascolo much like her previous relationship. She is also seeing Alex Martin along with Benjamin Mascolo although it seems like Benjamin is stealing all of her time and love.

Even on Valentine’s day, the Italian singer got the date with Bella Thorne. Her Instagram posts also suggest that Benjamin has got the upper hand. 

Recently, an Instagram post by Bella Thorne sparked engagement rumors. She had posted a photo of Benjamin Mascolo from her view and captioned the photo – “big announcement coming soon. I’m so happy…”. The post gets one to wonder what could be a big announcement that involves multiple rings

The rumor hasn’t been confirmed yet but we will wait for it.

The couple does not hesitate to show their love on Instagram, be it posting pictures of them together with sweet captions or commenting on naughty things on each other’s posts. 

Recently, Benjamin Mascolo posted the same vacation picture of the couple along with some other frames on Instagram with a sweet caption

“Taking a lil time off social media and enjoying the company of people I love. Feeling very grateful at life right now, I’m one very lucky young man”.

Bella Thorne is not behind. She commented, “I love daddy” with two heart-eyed emojis on her boyfriend’s post. We’ll let you figure what it means.

The Italian Rockstar also posted some terrific pictures of his girlfriend with the most adorable caption ever – “She looks like sunshine and she is my light in these darker days. Knowing she is safe and healthy at home gives me hope and strength to fight through this quarantine. Can’t wait to see you and hold you tight. I love you”.

Bella commented, “I love you”.

We hope the quarantine ends soon and these love birds reunite to celebrate their anniversary properly with each other. 


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