Based on Katy Perry’s Baby Bump, Her Due Date Is Most Likely to be soon.

Katy Perry announced in early March that she’s expecting her first baby with Orlando Bloom. We’ve watched her baby bump grow over the past few months, and we’re wondering if Katy’s due date is approaching.

Although the American Idol judge hasn’t given a specific date when she’s due to give birth, she has given several hints.

Fans of the talented duo are baffled by this exciting news when is Katy Perry’s due date and has the gender of the baby been announced yet? Here is everything we know regarding Katy’s baby news.

Katy hasn’t revealed her due date with the world so far.

Though she appeared to hint that her bundle of joy could be arriving sooner than some might expect.

In an Instagram post following her announcement in March, she wrote. “Let’s just say it’s gonna be a jam-packed summer.”

While she also mentioned Summer in an Instagram live chat as she told fans. “There’s a lot that will be happening this summer.”

Despite already having a son, Orlando is excited to have his first daughter with Katy.

The singer said he was really excited for a little girl. “They say that little girls are, you know, daddy’s little girl! That’s how it’s gonna be, we’ll see!”

Katy, who appears to be ready to pop, is due this summer, but we don’t know the exact month.

During an Instagram Live after the premiere of her music video ‘Never Worn White’, Katy revealed her fifth studio album would be dropping around the same time.

Source: Instagram

“My plan pre-COVID was just to keep going and put out a record in the summer until my water breaks, then I was gonna transition into being a mum”, Katy told Zoe Ball on her radio show, according to the Mirror.

Katy’s new album is set to be released August 14. Based on Katy’s comment, this would mean the baby is due shortly after that. That’s not too long to wait now!

Is Katy Having a Girl or a Boy?

Katy has revealed that she’s expecting a baby girl, and joked that she’ll have someone to inherit all of her crazy costumes. The singer also shared an image from an ultrasound where it looks like her baby is giving the middle finger.

Katy revealed that she’s been very emotional while being pregnant during the pandemic. She said in an interview that she has five good days and two bad days each week, and often cries during simple tasks.

Katy Perry and finance Orlando Bloom took a leisurely walk along the water beach over 4th of July Weekend. The very pregnant singer hid her large bump under a long sweater as she locked arms with Orlando while spending time in her hometown of Santa Barbara, CA.


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