“We are just friends” Baby Ariel’s response to dating rumors with Jacob Sartorius


  • Baby Ariel told the world that she and Jacob Sartorius are not dating and they are just friends
  • Dating speculations started when they started posting videos together.
  • Ariel might have another crush.
  • Both of them have been featured on the Billboard magazine together.

In a nine-minute YouTube video. Baby Ariel finally addressed the question of whether she and Jacob Sartorius are dating. “Are you and Jacob Sartorius dating?” was the last question in the Q&A video. 

Baby Ariel said:

“We are just friends”

She responded to the question and told the world that she is not dating Jacob Sartorius. She also said that they are ‘BFFs’which means ‘Best Friends Forever’.  

Dating rumors of Baby Ariel and Jacob Sartorius started when they started posting videos together on TikTok, YouTube, and other social media. They have frequently collaborated together. 

In the videos, although jokingly, they acted like a couple which led fans into thinking that something might be cooking behind the scenes. They also post Instagram and Snapchat stories of each other which leaves their fans laughing hard and reaching for breath. 

One time, Ariel got locked out of Jacob’s house when she was supposed to be hanging out with him. We wonder what’s the story behind that!

Although Ariel denied dating Jacob, she also did not answer the question when asked about her crush. This led fans to think that she might be crushing on someone else entirely while everyone was busy shipping her and Jacob.

She did not respond to this question but instead looked in the camera and quickly jumped to the next question.  

Baby Ariel was asked:

“If there is any person in the world she would like to meet who’s dead or alive”

Baby Ariel said:

“I would probably meet Heath Ledger”

Baby Ariel is a singer, actor, and internet personality. She has won two Teen Choice Awards for the Choice Muser in 2016 and 2017. She had also launched an anti-bullying campaign called #ArielMovement.

Jacob is also a singer and an internet personality. He started out with Vine and then moved on to musical.ly and subsequently rose to fame 

 The 20-year-old star, Baby Ariel has featured on the cover of Billboard magazine alongside the 17-year-old singer, Jacob Sartorius.  

Watch the entire video here:


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