‘AWAY’ Season 2: When Is It Releasing? Check Out The Renewal Status, Release Date, Cast, And Plot

With the evolution of technology, sci-fi shows are getting a more and more realistic approach. Over the years, we have witnessed several amazing sci-fi shows. Some of them include the likes of Altered Carbon, Black Carbon, Snowpiercer, The Orville, and many more. Created by Andrew Hinderaker, Away debuted on Netflix on 4th September 2020. ‘AWAY’ is loosely based and inspired by an Esquire article, penned by Chris Jones

American astronaut Emma Green is tasked with leading an international joint effort to embark on a dangerous mission to Mars. The diverse crew of the Atlas is prepared to sacrifice their lives for the sake of the mission, even if that means leaving their loved ones behind on Earth.

With an IMDb rating of 6.3/10 and the Tomatometer at 68%, Away is going strong at Netflix. Though it has been just days since the Season 1 premiere, the fans are already asking about the status of Away Season 2.

Therefore, let’s dig into the details regarding the release date, cast, and plot of Away Season 2


Away Season 2: What Is Its Renewal Status? When Is It Releasing?

It has been just 6 days since the Season 1 premiere of Away. So far, the show has kept a steady rating followed by a decent viewership. However, Netflix is yet to renew the show for a second season. But seeing that Away Season 1 premiered just days ago, the renewal might be just around the corner. If Netflix renews Away for season 2, it will be interesting to see when it starts production amidst the pandemic. As Netflix tends to operate in yearly cycles, we can expect Away Season 2 to release by September 2021

What Will Be The Plot For Away Season 2?

Away tells the story of American Astronaut Emma Green as she embarks a potentially dangerous mission to Mars. Emma is in command of an International crew, who set out on a treacherous mission to Mars. To embark on this mission, Emma has to leave her husband and teenage daughter behind.

Season 2 is likely to pick up after the events of Season 1. It will be interesting to see how the ATLAS crew adapts to life on the red planet. Though each crew member has their own individual mission, the most important mission belongs to Kwesi. Kwesi is tasked with growing life on mars, and to see if Mars is fit enough for human colonization. Therefore, season 2 will dig deeper into the mission undertaken by the crew ATLAS. 

Cast: Who Will Return For Away Season 2?

With no major exits in the first season, a majority of the cast is expected to return for Away Season 2. Though the official casting details arent revealed, this is how we expect to stand for Season 2:

  • Hilary Swank as Emma
  • Vivian Wu as Lu
  • Mark Ivanir as Misha
  • Ato Essandoh as Kwesi
  • Ray Panthaki as Ram
  • Talitha Eliana Bateman as Alexis
  • Josh Charles as Matt
  • Felicia Patti as Cassie
  • Monique Gabriella Curnen as Melissa
  • Adam Irigoyen as Isaac


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