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$12 Million

What is Ron Reagan Net Worth

Ronald Reagan Jr Net Worth: Ronald Reagan Jr is a former American talk radio host and writer who has a net worth of $12 million. He is perhaps best-known for being the son of late President (and namesake) Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan.

He was born Ronald Prescott Reagan on May 20, 1958, in Los Angeles, California. Even though he was the son of Ronald Reagan, the 40th President of the USA from 1981 to 1989, Ronald Jr undertook a completely different life path from his father’s. Only after one semester at Yale, he dropped out of college to become a ballet dancer and even joined the Joffrey Ballet in pursuit of his dream. However, what’s made Reagan known was expressing his liberal views, which were diametrically opposite to those of his conservative father. He previously hosted a daily three-hour show talk radio show and and a daily show on Air America Radio. He is currently a contributor to MSNBC.


Ronald Prescott Reagan, born on May 20, 1958, at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, is the youngest son of President Ronald Reagan and Nancy Davis Reagan. He grew up in Sacramento during his father’s governorship of California from 1967 to 1975. His sister, Patti Davis, is significantly older, as is his adopted brother Michael Reagan. Ron also had two half-sisters from his father’s previous marriage to Jane Wyman: Maureen Reagan and Christine Reagan, who died shortly after birth. The family humorously claimed kinship with European royalty through the name O’Regan, although no direct connection was found. From an early age, Ron pursued a path distinct from his father, declaring his atheism at 12.

Education and Artistic Pursuits
Reagan attended The Webb School of California but was expelled for a minor infraction. He then enrolled at Yale University, only to drop out after one semester, following his passion for ballet. He joined the Joffrey Ballet, earning a spot in their second company, Joffrey II Dancers. Despite his family’s absence from his performances, he maintained a warm relationship with his parents, who finally saw him perform in 1981.

Career Beginnings and Political Activism
Ron Reagan’s broadcasting career took off in 1986 when he hosted an episode of “Saturday Night Live.” After his father’s presidency, Ron’s political activism became more pronounced, contrasting sharply with his father’s conservatism. Despite political differences, he avoided public critique during the Reagan presidency, not wanting to affect their relationship. Ron hosted “The Ron Reagan Show” in 1991, but it was short-lived due to competition from established late-night shows.

Broadcasting and Journalism
Reagan transitioned into journalism and talk show hosting, including a stint on Animal Planet and co-presenting “Record Breakers” for the BBC. He was also an active member of the Creative Coalition and co-hosted “Connected: Coast to Coast” on MSNBC. His radio presence was marked by “The Ron Reagan Show” on Air America Radio until its closure in 2010.

Authorship and Personal Insights
In 2011, Ron published “My Father at 100: A Memoir,” where he explored his father’s life and revealed his observations that hinted at early signs of Alzheimer’s disease during Ronald Reagan’s presidency, a statement that stirred controversy.

Personal Life
Ron Reagan resided in Seattle with his wife, Doria Palmieri, until her passing in 2014. He later married Federica Basagni in 2018. His personal beliefs lean toward Buddhism, similar to his second wife, but he openly identifies as an atheist, a stance that has placed him on the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s Honorary Board. His outspoken atheism featured in advertisements for the organization, drawing attention during the Democratic Presidential Debates in 2019 and 2020.




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