Attack On Titan Season 4: Release Date, Plot, and “Declaration of War”

The anime series’ most famous Attack on Titans will return for Season 4, and this is what devotees can expect. In light of the manga via Hajme Ismaya in 2013, Attack on Titan explodes into anime episodes around the world with captivating cause and vandalism, nervousness at any event, any previous enthusiasm for anime.

The first Season contains 25 episodes and aired from April to September 2013, while the Second Season Broadcast from April to June 2017, Contains 12 episodes aired from July to October 2018.

In addition, the second Part contains 10 episodes aired from April to July 2019. However, Season 4 is all set to premiere in October 2020 because Anime fans are eagerly waiting for the Attack on Titan Season 4 broadcast.

Release Date: Attack On Titan Season 4

Following Attack on Titan’s Season 3 Finale, Season 4 begins for the Fall 2020 Season. This is more or less prominent in relation to the gap between Titan’s attack on 2D and Season 3, anyway, the third Season joins the knot.

It seems Attack on Titan Season 4 will also be made from 10-12 episode boxes if you consider that winning an entire Season in an ideal opportunity for Fall 2020 can be a difficult task.

It will be released on NHK Genera, Japanese Public Broadcaster Service. But there is a rumour that Season 4 may get delayed because of the production delay, because of COVID-19, it is expected that there will be much more delay in Season 4.

Undoubtedly, despite this, the Production team is working hard for the Season 4 release.

“Even though the release has been set for the fall, due to this ongoing pandemic, the staff are not available for the production work. They have to work with the limited team which slow down the action.”- The Nation Roar.

Expected Plot: “Attack On Season 4”

The Season 4 Plot will be the finale of the attack on titan series. Season 4 plot would be involving more action elements and the introduction of the new roles.

Revolving around a man-eating Titan a hundred years ago, it has been able to achieve a lot of hearts. In those days, humans had to be confined within their own indoor space consisting of gigantic walls so that Titans couldn’t come in.

But one cursed day, a huge titan started deteriorating everything, he broke those humongous walls and entered the human world!

Interesting right? What’s further, they started destroying every single thing. At that time, a valorous soldier named Eren Jaeger saw this heart throbbing scene where a titan was killing his mother.

Ever since that day, he has sworn to track down and kill each and every Titan present around! With the support of his friends, he wants to bring back world peace.

What can you expect in the upcoming Season?

Season 4 plot would be involving more action elements and the introduction of the new roles. In Season 4, we may see Levi’s Struggle in the Forest, Introduction of the Blimp, etc. as shown in the trailer.


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