Susan Mikula Net Worth

Susan Mikula Net Worth
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Today, with one click we can find gallons of information and data about our favorite celebrity. We become so involved in knowing the people in the spotlight that we don’t consider the people responsible for their fame. One such personality is Susan Mikula

She is an American artist and photographer and is known for being the significant other to the famous political commentator Rachel Maddow

You must have come across the name Maddow from the popular tv show ‘The Rachel Maddow Show’. She is the same Rachel who became the first lesbian to openly host a major prime-time news program in the states. But enough talking about Maddow let’s get to know Susan and look closer at her earnings and net worth.

Susan Mikula Net Worth is estimated at around $5million

According to sources and recent updates, Susan’s net worth is estimated to be approximately around $5million. Most of her earnings come through her photographs and artworks. She along with Rachel enjoys satisfying and luxurious life. 

Mikula curated a stable career for herself in the artsy field and earns a fortune. Her career as an artist and photographer commenced in the 1990s and since that, she is doing pretty amazing at her job.

Susan’s bout with the Coronavirus

It was quite frightening for the couple when they discovered Susan has become the victim of the novel coronavirus. The artist tested positive a few weeks prior and since then she and Maddow are quarantined. Though, recently Maddow came back on air to draw people’s attention to the intensity of the virus and describing how Susan ‘almost died’ because of the disease. Along with that she mentions Susan as ‘center of my universe’ and begs others to reckon about the people they love and take all necessary precautions and do anything and everything to stay away from the virus. 

Source: MSNBC

Though according to Rachel, Susan fought hard against the disease and still is in the recovery stage. Furthermore, she requests people to take all the crucial steps in taking care of themselves and their families. 

Life before getting married to Rachel

Susan was born on 7 March 1958 and she belongs to New Jersey, United States, and later moved to New Hampshire alongside her family. From his young days, she was drawn to photography and decided to join Hampshire college in Massachusetts and later turning her passion for photography into a decade long career. She got her first breakthrough when in 1998 she had her first solo photography exhibition from then she earns deserving recognition for her remarkable shots and works. 

We hope she recovers soon from covid and wishes the best for the adorable couple.


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