Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer Net Worth

Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer Net Worth
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Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer is the mother of the famous music artist, Doja Cat. Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer has also featured as an actress in the Friends Don’t Let Friends Date show and also Martyrs – The Chronicles of Blood.

Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer is around $200K

Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer, according to, has an estimated net worth of approximately $200 Thousand.

Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer’s Daughter’s Rise to Fame in The Music Industry

Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini or more commercially known as Doja Cat is not only a rapper, singer, and songwriter but also the daughter of the stunning Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer. Doja Cat rose to fame after the release of her hit single “Mooo!” in the year 2018. Doja Cat then went on to release a studio album with the hit song Juicy and she also reached the top 10 charts on the Billboard Music Charts for the hit single Say So. The song also blew up on TikTok.

Doja Cat has been nominated for 3 Grammy Awards and 2 American Music Awards, MTV Video Music Awards for Push Best New Artist. Doja Cat has also gone on Three tours namely, Purrr! Tour (2014), Amala Spring Tour (2017–2018) and The Amala Fall Tour (2018–2019). Doja Cat’s Hot Pink Tour that was scheduled for the year 2020 was postponed due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer: An Artist

Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer was born in America and is currently fifty years old. She comes from a mixed ethnic background, mainly a Jewish background. She is a Christian and has grown up being one too. She is also someone who believed in keeping fit and working out.

She is also someone who grew up being an artist and has a keen interest in drawing and painting and is an extremely crafty person. She also has various paintings that are environment-related and she mainly uses wax, oil and Gouache paints for her artwork. She is also someone who experiments a lot with colours and she has a website for her paintings called,

Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer’s Rocky Marriage

Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer was married to the fifty-seven-year-old South African, Dumisani Dlamini. Dumisani Dlamini is an actor, producer, and music composer. The couple met on the Sarafina Tour, where Dumisani Dlamini decided to stay after the tour to get to know Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer better. They fell in love and got married. The couple had two children together. The two had a plan to move back to South Africa and make it their residence but the marriage ended and they got divorced shortly after their marriage.


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