Apple’s iPhone 11 Camera to get even better

After it’s recent announcement about the next Gen Noise Cancelling AirPods Pro (Here), Apple followed up by revealing it’s latest version of its mobile operation system: iOS 13.2. This new update is expected to make the iPhone 11 Camera even better.

The iOS 13.2 includes a “Deep Fusion” AI Software which uses advanced technology, unlike any other software, to Process and Optimize the images by reducing the noise and enhancing the colours and details in them. This, added with the 3 excellent cameras installed in the iPhone 11 (the telephoto, the wide-angle, the regular zoom), results in something extraordinary.

The picture thus obtained, are very sharp and clear. Some reports even suggest that the iPhone 11 Camera get the upper hand as compared to it’s recent rival- The new Google Pixel 4 when it comes to their Camera Quality and advancement .

However, only the newest models- that is, the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max, have the A13 Chip. Now, this might poss a problem for the other older models, as the Deep Fusion software only works selectively on the models with the A13 Chip.

Though it is quite early to predict the improvements that will be brought about along with the new iOS 13.2 version and the Deep Fusion software, any extra update in the iPhone 11 which should be extremely unique and groundbreaking shall assist Apple to undeniably secure the first place on the list of the Best Mobile Phones in the year 2019 and 2020.


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