Apple just released four YouTube videos consisting of sounds designed to give people a tingly feeling

  • Four ASMR videos are posted on YouTube page.
  • Shot by Anson Fogel, Apple advertisement director.
  • Six to eleven minutes long.

As the heading suggests, Apple just posted four ASMR videos to its YouTube page. This happened on Wednesday, advertising and promoting the company’s “shot on iPhone” campaign.
It is being observed that ASMR is a popular video that uses soft sounds to help people feel calm and relaxed.

As it is mentioned above, the videos consists the sounds designed to give people a tingly feeling.

All About The Video

The audiences are saying that the video contains sound of rain, crunching leaves and someone whispering in your ear which is indeed relaxing.

These are all common themes for what are known as autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) videos.
ASMR is a popular on YouTube, with some channels boasting over 2 million subscribers.
And of course, people are claiming that videos have the soft sounds give them “tingling” sensations and help them relax.

According to the reports, the videos is ranging in length from about six minutes to 11 minutes, are advertisements as part of Apple’s “shot on iPhone” campaign.

The Reports

According to the reports, the videos tell viewers that “additional software and professional hardware” was used, apparently.
The Apple’s YouTube’s description imply that the videos were shot by Anson Fogel, a director who is previously made other Apple advertisements. All the four videos are described as “Season 1,” which suggests that Apple might choose to release more ASMR videos.
As we all know that apple has a fame for creative advertising, and has posted several lengthy videos on YouTube in the past, including a short clip by director Spike Jonze last year that won awards.

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The Tweets tweeted recently, “Apple launches new ASMR series with iPhone-shot videos and recordings…by @ChanceHMiller.”

AppleInsider tweeted recently, “ Apple has released four #Apple #ASMR videos that were shot on the #iPhone to its Apple YouTube channel, each focusing on different popular triggers.”

Eric Vitiello tweeted recently, “Wow, these are amazing. Video not needed, but nice, the sounds are spectacular. Apple’s New ASMR iPhone Commercials Aim to Make Your Spine Tingle.”

ian kung tweeted hours ago, “ [Apple Business Meeting]
Guy 1: we need new product ideas. People are not buying as many iPhones and iPads. What do you guys have?
Guy2: I mean we could make some asmr videos.
Everybody in Boardroom : *thunderous applause*.”

iPhone Future recently tweeted, “Six seconds of Apple’s iPhone ASMR video was all I could handle.”

Pam is busy fangirling recently tweeted, “ I need a 10-hour-long ASMR video of you just repeatedly saying bone apple tit.”

tatiana tweeted recently, “ Just laying in bed eating apples together. Dog ASMR.”

iPhone Hacks tweeted , “Apple’s New ASMR Video Series Showcases iPhone’s Video and Audio Capturing Capabilities.”


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