Apple iPhone 12: Leaks and updates

The Apple event that took place this week was very surprising to all of the reporters. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, talked about the decline in the sales of the iPhone 11 and the update that are going to be installed in the series, secrets of the smart battery case, the iPad steals a MacBook Pro superpower, Apple’s missing ports, the latest MacBook Pro boot problems, a demand for AirPods, and why Apple still dominates podcasting. But, the most interesting news was about the leaks of the iPhone 12.

Before the high of the iPhone 11 had died down, the company has already started working up a marketing and advertising team for the launch of it’s next iPhone series, and here are all the leaks from the Apple Loop event.

With nine months of waiting, there’s already a lot of anticipation building up around next year’s iPhone, with more leaks on the specs and features this week trying to keep everyone engaged with the idea of Apple as a trend-setter. David Nield reports:

The iPhone 12 is still a long way off, but we’re already hearing details of what to expect – including predictions on the amount of RAM installed in Apple’s 2020 iPhones, and some of the extra sensors on board.

According to analysts Barclays, as reported by MacRumors, the two Pro versions of the iPhone 12 are going to come with 6GB of RAM on board. That’s up from the 4GB packed inside the current models. What’s more, based on conversations with supply chain manufacturers, Barclays says rear-facing 3D sensors and 5G technology are likely to be on board as well.

The marketing and advertising of the iPhone 12 is crucial to the company. There have been indications which suggest that the sales of the iPhone 11 have gone down substantially, which are to be made up for by iPhone 12 which has a 5G connectivity.


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