Apex Legends glitch allows players to fly off of Respawn Beacons

Apex Legends

A major glitch continues to plague Apex Legends, allowing players to soar high into the sky off of the many Respawn Beacons littered across the map.

It’s no secret that Apex Legends, despite being well into its second season, continues to be full of bugs, glitches, and exploits.

While many of these aforementioned things don’t have severe effects or consequences, a select few of them are drastic enough to be filed under the ‘potentially game-breaking’ category.

One Apex player shared the bug on Reddit today, which shows the ship from a Respawn Beacon dropping them off at the wrong location.

The apparent cause of this glitch has to do with some odd coding that messes with the in-game physics and makes energy behave in a very unusual way.

All players have to do is punch a Respawn Beacon repeatedly, and since the structure is immovable and indestructible, the continuous melee hits lead to a massive amount of potential energy being built up in the character.

Once the necessary amount of punches have been thrown, the player then simply has to mantle on top of a Beacon and press jump, instantly translating all of that stored up energy into actionable kinetic energy.

The sudden release of all the energy turns a simple hop into a gargantuan leap that takes the Legend to the literal ceiling of the map.

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If all that talk about punching objects to build up energy sounds familiar, that’s because it is. This glitch is fundamentally similar to another one that’s been in the game for quite a while, which allows players to do the same thing but with loot crates.

Another common bug is when the supply ship is in motion, anything on board is liable to slide right off.

This isn’t the only bug plaguing Respawn’s battle royale, however. Fans have been complaining about the “floor is lava” bug, which registers players as out of bounds and asks them to return to the battle within 30 seconds.

Although the glitch occurred on the Xbox One, other players commented on the thread claiming it happened to them on PlayStation 4 and PC.

While the developers at Respawn Entertainment are undoubtedly doing their best to cleanse the game, it’s still pretty concerning that Season 2 is almost halfway done, and there are still inexplicable issues like this ruining players’ gaming experiences.

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