Another release from GoPro? Leaked pictures directs new 360 camera

  • Following yesterday’s latest photograph leak, it is expected to see a new edition of the camera very soon

With two leaks in the last two days, it is being considered as real news that there is coming a new version of GoPro. And it proves that the crew of the company has been busy with working behind the scenes.

From yesterday’s drooled photos of the GoPro Hero8 moved the camera passionate community, and they’re very sure that these new photographs of what was rumored to be the GoPro Fusion 360’s latest edition will be the same. 

As 360 cameras are quite cranny productions, they are excellently setting themselves in the range of GoPro’s action camera range. People are interested to follow how the brand has made on its previous 360 technology.

There were some rumor websites which have been increasing rumors that a tender GoPro Max camera has been registered with the Japanese Ministry of Communications. Now it is very obvious that this new model will be the replacement for the GoPro Fusion 360, which came on the air at the very end of 2017.

 This rumor got so acute that it is claiming that the upcoming camera has already been registered with the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) under the code SPCC1.

 The utmost expectation for the forthcoming production is to alternate the slot number of the SD cards. The previous GoPro Fusion 360 needed two microSD cards which were one for each camera in the house. This is too much disturbing for the users because most of them want to keep their shooting on a streamline and want to keep all their photographs in one SD card.

However, any fan of 360 camera might be happy after seeing the leaked images as it shows only one port for the microSD card which is just beside the battery. Which means they would need only one SD card to concoct. Following link covers many of the information:

Another very big problem with the last version was that the lenses were hugely exposed to bumps, knocks, and scrapes. But unfortunately, from the leaked photos, we can understand that the company has decided to keep the lens design as it’s original one which might have the same lense problem as before because it has the same curved lens outside.

In spite of the limited features of the camera, the model was one of the fantastic 360 camera models which served the users a lot of purposes. From the upcoming version, it is being profoundly expected that this camera will also follow the previous editions of being a good 360 camera. Although everything will be clear if the rumor is real and they publish a new camera.

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