Annie Leblanc has only good things to talk about her boyfriend- Asher Angel

Source: Instagram

Annie Leblanc, a fifteen-year-old actress, singer, and YouTuber who made her break into the industry by showing off her skills in gymnastics on YouTube. After getting fame through that she used her channel as a launch for her music career.

The internet sensation has always been an open book and updates her fans with all new things in her life. So, it is understandable that people are interested in her relationships and they were left in awe when she only had beautiful things to say about her boyfriend, Asher Angel. 

Source: Instagram

“My favorite thing about Asher is how selfless and thoughtful he is and that he makes me smile”, Anne told Yearbook by Brat TV and stated that he has no bad habit at all!

Annie has been featuring in videos since she was 4 years old and received roles such as rhyme on Chicken Girls, as Jo on Brat and We Are Savvy on YouTube. She became popular featuring as one of the three siblings on Bratayley- standing for a combination of the words- “brat” and “Hayley”. too was used by her as a platform to expand her popularity in the industry-leading up her to earn 13 million followers.

Source: Instagram

Leblanc gathered attention for her TikTok channel for her music and won the Shorty Award for “Muser of the Year”. She was also paired with Hayden Summerall by the fans after they collaborated on a YouTube cover of “Little Do You Know” by Alex and Sierra, which went viral. 

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