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tomi lahren net worth
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In today’s day and time, social media has in ways broken the barriers of limited communication. Now people can check people for the wrongs they do and at the same time, they can be trolled about the things they say. No one is spared of this policing irrespective of who they are.

Tomi Lahren a conservative political commentator has faced similar trolling for her statements. Especially when the 28-year-old political commentator made statements in support of President Donald Trump or his administration.

Lahren was dragged into two roasting sessions on the internet that too within a week’s gap. The first instance was when the Fox News host claimed that the recently held Presidential elections were fraudulent in nature. As a result of which Lahren faced an outcry from people in the form of trolling.

Tomi Lahren net worth is estimated at around $4 Million

Lahren started her career as a political commentator when she applied for an internship at One America News Network (OANN) and instead was offered her own show. She also hosted her own show Tomi on TheBlaze‘.

Lahren is considerably young when compared to your average political commentators. Yet in a short period, she has amassed quite a net worth. When she worked at TheBlaze, Tomi Lahren’s annual income was $190,000, and had an additional budget of $40,000 for her wardrobe.

She also makes roughly $60,330 for her work as a political commentator for Fox News. This means that overall Tomi Lahren has a total net worth of about $4 Million.

Trolled for her praises and support of Trump

It’s a force of habit for Fox News and its hosts to be wrapped in controversies time and again. Tomi Lahren is no exception. The Republican talking head recently tweeted in support of President Trump’s claim that the election was a fraud. She tweeted :

“Stolen election. Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.”

But it didn’t take much time for her tweet to backfire on her. With the internet being the internet, soon an old tweet of her’s resurfaced. And eventually, everything backfired on Lahren. Her old tweet said :

“If you don’t like this country there are about 200 others to choose from. Pick one and leave.”

This old tweet from Lahren was made during the Black Lives Matter protests back in July. But she never thought that her own words would one day be used against her. 

People started trolling her asking her to heed to her own words. Tomi Lahren surely wouldn’t have expected that her tweets will one day come back to haunt her like this.


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