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tj holmes net worth
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T.J. Holmes, born Loutelious “T.J.” Holmes, Jr. on August 19, 1977, in West Memphis, Arkansas, is an American journalist and TV personality. His national recognition started with CNN, anchoring the weekend morning segment for five enriching years. He soon started working with BET Networks, hosting “Don’t Sleep,”.

In 2014, TJ Holmes joined ABC News, becoming a correspondent for “Good Morning America”. He also worked as a co-anchor of “GMA3: What You Need to Know,” a daily show merging news, information, and human-interest stories. Besides his on-screen ventures, Holmes is recognized for acting in ABC specials. On the personal front, Holmes, now a father, found love twice. Married to Marilee Fiebig in 2010 and previously married to Amy Ferson Through his exciting career and working with bigger median houses, he has definitely added a good amount of money to his net worth.

What is TJ Holmes net worth?

TJ Holmes net worth is $7 million as of 2023. He has worked with bug networks like CNN, ABC, and BET​56 which have added to this enormous net worth​. His tenure as a correspondent and an anchor for ABC News ran from September 2014 to January 2023​. His departure from CNN at the end of 2011, after a 5-year anchoring stint, to signing with BET have added to his earnings. On networks like CNN ABC and BET56, pay huge salaries to their anchors.

TJ Holmes’ net worth comprises his earnings from various news networks, including KSNF in Joplin, Missouri, where he worked as a producer, assignment reporter, and weekend anchor in 1999.

What is TJ Holmes Salary?

According to ABC News anchor’s pay scale, TJ Holmes Salary is between $102,796 to $110,938. The salary details of T.J. Holmes exhibit a broad range, reflecting the potential changes over his career span and working with renowned networks. He has worked with networks like KNTV CNN BET and ABC. Holmes has had a successful career in journalism, working for some of the most renowned news networks in the world. His work has been recognized and awarded, and his salary is a testament to his dedication and hard work in the field.

What is TJ Holmes Annual Salary?

TJ Holmes annual salary is around $3 million based on various reports and sources.

How much TJ Holmes makes in a year?

TJ Holmes make around $75000 to $3 million a year, according to online sources and ABD reporters pay scale.

Why TJ Holmes and Amy Roback Fired from GMA?

TL Holmes and Amy Robach had a personal relationship that surfaced in early December in the tabloids. It was a publicized cheating scandal that impacted the working environment at ABC.

There was an internal investigation at ABC that looked into whether their relationship violated company policies. On December 5, ABC temporarily pulled them off of GMA3 while figuring out its next steps. There was also a buzz as they had both left their respective spouses.

Following their suspension, Gio Benitez and Stephanie Ramos took over the hosting duties for GMA3.

What is TJ Homes contract?

TJ Holmes and Amy Robach were under a contractual agreement with ABC News where they hosted “GMA3” Their contract included a morality clause, which was violated due to an extramarital affair.

How much money does Amy Robach make?

Amy Robach has been a successful journalist and a TV host over the years, which has added substantially to her earnings. Amy Robach net worth and Salary is estimated to be higher than TJ Holmes’s net worth. According to some credible sources, Amy Robach earns an annual salary of $1 million.

Who is TJ Holmes wife?

TJ Holmes first first wife was Amy Ferson. They had two children named Brianna and Jaiden. They both got separated in 2007. After three years of divorce TJ Holmes married Marilee Fiebig. She is an attorney. They got married in 2010 and have a daughter named Sabine. The couple met through a mutual friend in 2009 and they got married on 1st March 2010. They couple divorced on October 12, 2023​​.

What is Amy Ferson Net worth?

Amy Ferson works as a social media consultant and a Political consultant. Amy Ferson Net worth as of today is $750,000.

What is Good Morning America Anchor Salaries?

GMA anchor salaries are divided into 3 categories

  • Top Earners
  • Mid Range
  • Low Salaries

Top-range salaries include anchors like Robin Roberts, Michael Strahan, and George Stephanopoulos. They are one of the highest-paid hosts on GMA.

Mid-salary anchors are Lara Spencer and Amy Robach. Both earn approximately in the range of $1.5 million to  $3 million a year.

Low-salary anchors are Ginger Zee, Eva Pilgrim, Whit Johnson, Janai Norman, and Rob Marciano. They all earn between $300k to $500k

How much do New Reporters make?

The salary of new reporters is dependent on a lot of factors like experience, location, the size of the media outlet they work for, and their level of expertise. As of August 22, 2023, the average annual pay for a journalist in the United States is $52,737. The average journalist in the US makes $59,026

How much is ABC worth?

ABC network, also known as the American Broadcasting Company has an estimated net worth of around $8.71 billion. Soley from youtube ABC earns around $29.47 million.

What is TJ Holmes real name?

T.J. Holmes real name is Loutelious “T.J.” Holmes, Jr. The initials “T.J.” are derived from his first name, Loutelious, and the “Jr.” suffix indicates that he is the junior bearer of his father’s name.

Who are TJ Holmes parents?

TJ Holmes has not disclosed his parent’s names and they are also not publicly available. However, we know that his father was a high school principal, while his mother was a retired elementary school teacher.​

What is TJ Holmes height?

T.J. Holmes stands at a height of 1.72 meters, which is approximately 5 feet and 6 inches tall​

What is TJ Holmes ethnicity?

T.J. Holmes is of Afro-American descent. He was born and raised in Memphis, Arkansas, by a middle-class family of African descent, which makes him a Afro-American ethnicity​.

Who is TJ Holmes son?

T.J. Holmes has a son named Jaiden, who was born to him and his first wife, Amy Ferson.


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