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shannon bream net worth
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Shannon Bream was born on the 24th of December 1970 in Tallahassee, Florida. Shannon Bream is a very well known journalist who currently serves as the chief legal correspondent and host of Fox News at Night. Bream has been the anchor of the daily news program America’s News Headquarters” since 2008. In addition to that, she has also been a reporter for the Supreme Court News.

Shannon Bream Net Worth is around $10M in 2020

As of 2020, Shannon’s estimated net worth is believed to be around $10M which is a result of her long-standing career as a journalist and as a lawyer. Bream currently is the host of the show “FOX News @Night with Shannon Bream.” During her time as a lawyer, Bream worked on some of the high-profile cases of sexual abuse and harassment which has contributed significantly to her net worth. Though the official numbers are kept under wraps, Bream’s current salary is estimated to be around $1M per year.

Career At Fox News

Shannon Bream has been one of the most respected and highly adored journalists across the United States. Over the years, Bream has been on the frontlines covering every political campaign, landmark Supreme Court decisions, as well as the scandals in Washington D.C. Before entering the world of media and the News Industry, Bream was a lawyer who handled some of the top sexual harassment cases and all the other cases pertaining to women’s safety and abuse.

Bream is one of the highly decorated news anchors in the United States. She is often considered along with the likes of Anderson Cooper, Leslie Stahl, Nancy Dickersonand several other well-known journalists who have worked for the United State. Before Bream started to work for FOX News, she served as an intern for Florida Congressman Bill McCollum in the US House Of Representatives. During this time, Bream came in contact with some of the top-notch journalists who helped her in setting up a career in the News Industry.

From Pageants to Politics

Shannon was fired from her first job. But who knew that she would make her career as a Supreme Court reporter for FOX News.
Bream has completed her education at Liberty University in Virginia. There was a hairdresser who ran a local pageant competition and suggested Shannon to be a part of it. In the next six months, she won Miss Virginia and a local pageant. Winning this beauty contest paid for her junior and senior college. She also ended up winning Miss Florida which paid for her law school

Supreme Court Correspondent

Shannon Bream had a passion for news since the beginning of her career. Just like any other individual in their 20s has to go through a mid-life crisis, so did Shannon, however, she was able to overcome that. She decided to change her career path, she had a lot of discussions with her Husband, Mentors, and people from the media industry. Instead of regretting her entire life, she decided to take a chance which paid off.

During her initial days of work, she recalls her first shift was between 2-11 am and she had to be on her toes, stay near the teleprompter for the morning hosts. She believes if you love what you do, then you do not have to work a single day in your life. Hard work and persistence has been the key to her successful journey as a journalist. She has worked during the night, mornings, at weekends.

Who is Shannon Bream’s Husband?

Shannon is married to Sheldon Bream, they first met each other as students at Liberty University. After dating for quite some time, in 1995 they got married. Sheldon Bream is the brother of Sid Bream who is a Baseball player.

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