Robin Roberts Net Worth

American journalist, TV producer, as well as a broadcaster, Robin Roberts was born on 23rd November 1960 in Tuskegee, Alabama. Roberts was the youngest among her four siblings and is the daughter of an Airmen pilot. To the public, Roberts is best known as the presenter of the morning television show, Good Morning America. Right from a young age, Roberts would spend most of her time in the library and be always on the lookout for knowledge. Her sound academic performance was the key to all the success she has achieved right now. In addition to her academic performs, Roberts was quite the athlete as well. She represented her school for athletics on multiple occasions and has won several medals during her time.

Following her high school education, Robin Roberts went on to study at Southern Louisiana University. During her school years, Roberts was known for her talent in the game of basketball. Although, Roberts declined her University’s basketball scholarship despite being induced in the Woman’s Basketball Hall Of Fame in 2012 for her contribution to the sport. Roberts graduated from Southern Louisiana University with a degree in Journalism. During her graduation, Robin was always the first one to appear in front of the camera. Robin’s skill with her words and the ability to carry herself in front of the camera was and still is the talking point of her career.

Robin Roberts Net Worth is around $75 Million

Roberts graduated from the University with a bachelor’s in journalism and communication. She then went on to work at the WDA MTV station in the position of an anchor. A year later in 1984, Robin Roberts joined the WAX TV station and then relocated to Tenessee where she took the opportunity to work for the WSMT TV station. After being with the WSMT for almost four years, Roberts then went on to join WAG TV station in Georgia where she worked as a reporter for two years.

Over the years, America has had its share of TV hosts. However, Robin Roberts certainly has ensured that she stands out from the crowd. Roberts quickly became a widely recognized face across the United States. Many often consider her along with the likes of some great journalists such as Christiane Amanpour, Ida Wells, Martha Gellhorn, and many more. As of 2020, Robin Roberts’ net worth is estimated at around $75M. A majority of her wealth is the result of her appearances on TV screens. Her current salary amounts to as much as $15M per year. In December 2013, Robin reportedly signed a new contract with GMA that will pay her an estimated $14 million per year. In 2016 her pay jumped to $18 million.

Robin Roberts Partner Amber Raign

Amber Raign is Robin Roberts’s partner. This year the couple celebrated 15 years of togetherness. Robin shared a post on Instagram to celebrate the special day captioned 15 photos for 15 years.


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