CBS Anchor Norah O’Donnell Net Worth

Norah O'Donnell Net Worth
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Norah O’Donnell Net Worth

Norah O’Donnell Net Worth is $20 Million. Norah’s career as a broadcast journalist spans for over 20 years during which the latter has covered several significant events and have sat down with some of the greatest and highly influential leaders across the globe. These include the likes of Dalai Lama, Saudi Prince Mohammad Bin Salman, Prince Harry of Wales, Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai, and many more.

She continues to enjoy success till date and has a whopping net worth of $20M to show for it. Her net worth is the result of O’Donell’s career as print as well as a TV journalist. CBS News currently pays Norah O’Donnell an annual salary of $6M.

Who is Norah O’Donnell?

Norah O’Donnell, the new news anchor of the CBS Evening News, agrees with the great Walter Cronkite who felt that quality journalism is one of the keys to an informed electorate. An exciting change came to CBS Evening News back in July 2019 when former, longtime CBS This Morning Co-Host Norah O’Donnell moved into her new role as anchor and managing editor of the nightly newscast.

Norah O’Donnell has been an important part of our CBS This Morning family for nearly seven years. She’s asked tough questions, headed into disaster zones, given survivors a voice, and shared the stories of people around the world. Therefore, let’s take a look into the life of CBS News Correspondent Norah O’Donnell and how her shift from CBS This Morning to CBS Evening News has impacted her net worth.

From CBS This Morning To CBS Evening.

Born into a military family in San Antonio, O’Donnell never dreamed of making it into the world of media. Given her military background, Norah was determined to follow in her father’s footsteps and join the army and serve her country well. Although she didn’t go into the military, O’Donnell has managed to do her country proud with her career as a broadcast journalist.

Because of her military status, Norah’s childhood was spent in different cities around the world including Landstuhl, Seoul, Washington D.C, and so on. Norah received her Bachelor Of Arts in Philosophy as well as her Master’s degree in Liberal Studies from the University Of Georgetown.

She started her career as a print reporter for the Capitol Hill newspaper Roll CallDuring her tenure here as a print journalist, O’Donnell covered the impeachment of US President Bill Clinton and travelled around the USA covering the Congressional Elections. She then joined NBC News in 2000 and hasn’t missed a single election since 2000. During the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centre, she reported straight from the Pentagon and received the prestigious Sigma Delta Chi Award for Breaking News Coverage for a Dateline NBC story titled “D.C. In Crisis.” After being with NBC for a considerable amount of time, Norah finally joined CBS News where she currently serves as the anchor and the Managing Editor of CBS Evening News.  

Source: Instagram

Sexual harassment allegations.

During 2017, Norah and her former co-host of the show “CBS This Morning” were allegedly accused of years of sexual harassment on their own news channel and was fired. Post that, Norah was caught on a segment and she was heard saying “Sounds like somebody else here.” This comment was heard at the fag end of the segment however, her words were not very clear and were believed to have been scrubbed.

In 2018, Les Moonves, Chairman and Chief Executive of CBS Corp, resigned after he was accused of sexual harassment by multiple women.


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