Mollie Hemingway Net Worth

mollie hemingway net worth
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Mollie Ziegler Hemingway is an American political commentator, columnist, and conservative author. She serves as a senior editor at the online magazine The Federalist. Mollie also works for Fox News. In 2002, she joined the ‘Gannet Publishing’ working at the Federal Times. Mollie has her piece of writing in publications such as Ricochet, Wall Street Journal, and National Review. She was among the founding members of The Federalist and in 2017 became a Fox News contributor. 

Her write up have been published in various newspapers such as The Los Angeles Times, The Guardian, The Washington Post, CNN, and RealClearPolitics, and USA Today

In June 2020, she indicted the media of fabricating reports that law enforcement used tear gas and excessive force against peaceful protestors to make a way for Trump to stage to click a photo in front of St. John’s Church. Let’s see how much the political commentator’s worth is.

Mollie’s Net Worth

Hemingway works at Fox News and earns a yearly salary of $36,597. She has an estimated net worth between $100K-$1 million but the actual figures are not revealed and are under review. She primarily earns from her career.

Mollie on lack of media coverage on Hunter Biden’s scandals

On Tuesday, Mollie blasted liberal journalists who are only going easy on Democrats and China and not showing up the scandals of the president-elect son

‘Fox&Friends’ co-host, Steve Doocy stated that the mainstream media has broadly withdrawn asking President-elect Joe Biden about the ongoing scandal involving his son Hunter’s overseas business dealings.

In response to it, Mollie said on the Fox News morning show; “It does seem like very few reporters are willing to ask this question. I think part of the reason why reporters aren’t asking questions is because they are implicated in this overarching story,” 

Furthermore she added, “They know that they should have been asking these questions throughout the campaign, they know that they suppressed that information and that Big Tech helped suppress that information so having the story come to light doesn’t just make Joe Biden look bad, it makes the entire media complex look bad,”

 She proceeded by saying:

“The story isn’t going away because it’s not just about the legal troubles of Hunter… but also Joe’s brother, James Biden,”. “It’s about the larger issue of foreign governments and corrupt entities paying money to the Biden family in exchange for access.”

Later they started the conversation on New York Times that decided not to cover the growing controversy circling Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., and his bond with an alleged Chinese spy. 

Mollie’s husband and daughters

Mollie Hemingway met Mark Hemingway in Northern Virginia and started dating. The couple got married on 15 September 2006 at Immaculate Lutheran Church in Virginia. The couple has two daughters together.


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