Lara Spencer Net Worth

lara spencer net worth
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Over the years, Lara Spencer has become a household name across the USA. The American journalist and TV personality were born on 19th June 1969 in Garden City, New York. Laura Spencer is best known for appearing and hosting TV shows such as Good Morning America, The Early Show, Nightlineand many more. Spencer’s career began in the early 1990s. For decades, this veteran journalist and reporter has been reporting headlines. However, she herself became a headline in 2019 when her commentary on Prince George’s education sparked an intense global backlash.

Lara Spencer Net Worth is Approximately $15M in 2020

In 1999, Laura received an invitation to work on the show called Good Morning AmericaThis turned out to be a breakthrough in Lara’s career as a broadcast journalist. Her role in the show had a huge impact on her overall career. As of 2020, Lara’s estimated net worth is believed to be around $15M. The major source of her net worth is Lara’s long and full-fledged career in journalism. A chunk of her income is a part of her long-running career in the TV industry. In addition to being a journalist, Lara is also a writer, which further adds to her net worth.

Spencer made quite a splash in 2017. According to PEOPLE magazine, the then 49-year old vacationing with family when she shared a picture of herself on Instagram. The response to her washboard abs was a mixture of amazement and confusion. However, it turns out that Spencer has been in great shape for most of her adult life, ever since she took up dieting back in high school. Laura attended Garden City school and later continued her studies at the Pennsylvania State University. Throughout her education, Lara was a part of several journalistic gigs in her school and was also the head of her school’s magazine.

A Broadcast Journalist in the USA

Over the years, Lara Spencer has established a rock hard career as a broadcast journalist in the USA. In addition to being a journalist, Lara was also known as the best athlete during her time in school from where she graduated with a degree in journalism. Following her graduation, Lara started working at the WDEF TV station in Tennesse, and this was the time when her career started growing from the roots. Her work at WDEF attracted many eyeballs and brought her under the public spotlight. After a long stint at WDEF, Spencer started working at the cable channel News 12 at Long Island, New York.


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