Ken Dilanian Net Worth

ken dilanian net worth
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Ken Dilanian is a very successful news correspondent and anchor on the NBC news channel. He rose to fame after he extensively covered the news of all activities that went down in Iraq. He is also the intelligence and national security correspondent 

But right now, this correspondent is trending due to his slip up on national television.

Ken Dilanian was having an interview talk with the famous MSNBC news anchor Craig Melvin. As the interview went forward to a section where the two renowned correspondents began discussing how the Trump administration refused to work on the transition of the presidency with Joe Biden’s team.

When Craig Melvin asked Ken Dilanian “Ken, what have you learned, sir?” to which Ken Dilanian probably assumed that he was on mute but little did he know he was not and the whole world was watching him when he looked down at his phone and whispered a little loudly saying the words “Oh, sh*t. F*ck.” 

Ken Dilanian Net Worth is estimated to be $1.5 million

Ken Dilanian has been a known figure in the news industry for quite a long time. His estimated net worth according to sources stands at a high $1.5 million and his salary is between the $500 thousand to $600 thousand range.

Football Player to a Reporter

Kenneth Jacob Dilanian Jr or more professionally known as Ken Dilanian was born on the 13th of May in the year 1968. He was of American-Caucasian descent and was raised in East Longmeadow in Massachusetts. His mother’s name was Barbara and father’s was Kenneth SR. he also has a younger sister whose name is Jane Dilanian.

Ken Dilanian was an excellent student and had a very successful academic career. He graduated from East Longmeadow High School and then went on to attain a Bachelor’s degree in political science and history in the year 1991 from Williams College. He was also a fan and a player of the football sport and spent a large amount of time during his school days playing football.

Who is Ken Dilanian‘s Wife?

In the year 2003, Ken Dilanian married his long-time girlfriend Catherine Yoon who is of Asian descent. The couple has a happy marriage and lives together with two boys.

Casey Medal for Meritorious Journalism

After completing his college education, Ken Dilanian began working at Philadelphia Inquirer as a local reporter for three years. He was also a part of Forth Worth star and San Antonio Express news. It was at the Philadelphia Inquirer that he rose to fame when he got to cover the activities that happened during the Iraq war.

He won the Casey Medal for Meritorious Journalism award in the year 2007 for extensively writing about all deaths that took place in the child welfare system in Philadelphia.


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