Julie Banderas Net Worth

Julie Banderas made quite the headlines when the FOX News anchor was asked to adjust her cleavage during the Live Broadcast last year. But the 47-year-old pulled it off in the stylish possible way. Over the years, Julie Banderas has become popular for being one of the most attractive and stunning broadcast journalists across the United States. She is often considered along with the likes of Erin Burnett, Erin Andrews, Megan Kelly, Alessandra Villegasand many more. However, the Emmy winner is more than just a pretty face and has an illustrious and highly successful career to show for it.

Julie Banderas net worth is $12 million in 2020

Although Banderas has been covering several major events with the utmost dedication, she drew the attention of the International Media when she blasted US President Donald Trump for his derogatory and sexually embarrassing remarks about another TV anchor. Julie Banderas has an estimated net worth of $12 million which she has accumulated and earned from her work as a reporter. A significant chunk of her net worth is the result of her 20-year-old career in the field of broadcast journalism.

An Outspoken Journalist

Throughout her career as a journalist, Banderas hasn’t been to shy away from things that were thrown her way. Julie Banderas was born on September 25, 1973, in a small town of Hartford in Connecticut. Hailing from a poor background, Banderas’ family was constantly struggling to make ends meet. However, the FOX News Anchor never let anything hold her down for too long. It was her father who encouraged her to pursue journalism and supported her all the way through. Accordingly, Banderas graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism from Emerson College In 1996.

Given her impressive skills in front of the camera and immense talent and knowledge of the field, FOX News hired the latter in 2005. She initially started as a general assignment reporter and was quickly rose to the position of a New York-based correspondent. Over the years, Banderas has been an outspoken journalist. In all these years, she has become famous for her impressive coverage and reporting of some of the top profile cases. In addition to that, the latter is well known for her live coverage of the New York City mayoral race, the crash landing of Southwest Flight 345 at LaGuardia Airport, the inauguration of Pope Francis, and Hurricane Sandy were highly appreciated.


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