Jonathan Karl Net Worth

Jonathan Karl Net Worth
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The pandemic has gone on long enough that it is finally making people take less and less precautions. While the governments want people to normalize to the COIVD-19 pandemic so as to not hamper their economies. It is the responsibility of the media to present people with the threat and scope of the pandemic.

Jonathan Karl has been the Chief White House Correspondent for ABC since. 2008. The 52-year-old political journalist has time and again criticized the Trump administration for their carelessness during the pandemic. But he himself was seen taking off his mask after President Trump’s White House Statement.

Karl has time and again shamed other for not wearing make on the White House premises. He even took a shot at President Donald Trump for his lack of seriousness for the pandemic. He said,

“This is not like embedding with the Marines in Fallujah. It is like you are taking your family with you to Fallujah.”

Jonathan Karl Net Worth is in the range of $5-$10 Million

Jonathan Karl has been working for ABC for over 17 years now. He is one the most popular political journalists in America. Karl’s annual salary is expected to be somewhat around $106K.

Though there is not exact information about his financials, Jonathan Karl’s net worth is expected to be somewhere in the range of $5 Million to $10 Million.

A career as a Political Journalist

After having survived in the world of broadcast news for over 17 years, Jonathan Karl has built quite a reputation for himself. He has covered everything from Washington, D.C. be it the he White House or Capitol Hill or the Pentagon or the State Department.

Karl started of his journalistic career by working as a researcher and reporter for The New Republic. Then he went on to work as an investigative reporter for the New York Post and later as a congressional correspondent for CNN.

Karl had found his passion for journalism and history at quite an early age. He was the Editor-in-chief for Vassar Spectator for his college magazine. Since then his writings have been published The Wall Street Journal, The Weekly Standard, The New Republic, Reason, The Christian Science Monitor, and the San Francisco Chronicle.

The 52-year-old journalist has also authored a book, titled the Right to Bear Arms: The Rise of America’s New Militias. He has also received numerous prestigious awards including an Emmy Award, the 2011 Joan Shorenstein Barone Award, the Walter Cronkite Award for National Individual Achievement and the National Press Foundation’s Everett McKinley Dirksen Award.


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