James Longman Net Worth

james longman net worth
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James Longman is an English journalist and foreign correspondent for the US network ABC News. He covers breaking news around Europe and the Middle East, often deployed to cover terror attacks.

James Longman has also been making features and news specials on all kinds of issues for ABC’s Good Morning America, World News Tonight, and Nightline.

James Longman Net Worth

James Longman kick-started his career when he covered the news in Syria for a British newspaper, which also helped him land a job at BBC. But like many celebrities, James Longman’s Net Worth is not public yet but it is estimated to be around $56,700.

He is now an employee of ABC and since the day he started, he has been gaining popularity day by day. James earns an average salary ranging from $106K to $131K as an ABC News Correspondent.

James Longman’s Early life

Longman was born in 1986 in West London. He added the Hill House in Knightsbridge, and at Worth School, a boarding school in West Sussex

James Longman has a bachelor’s degree in Arabic from the School of Oriental and African Studies, a master’s in Comparative Politics from the London School of Economics.

James Longman came out to his mother through an email

Being a part of the LGBT+ community is difficult but without the support of your family and friends, it can be impossible. James Longman when first came out it was to a friend when he was 16, at an age when he, himself wasn’t sure of it. He admits that coming out as gay felt like a crime and that he hoped none of his friends would judge him.

But telling your sexuality can sometimes be a funny memory, like the time James Longman told a female friend in college that he was gay.

James Longman’s friend said while crying-

“Oh James, I don’t know — it’s just, I feel like an option for me has gone off the table!”

James and his friend have remained closed ever since. After becoming a journalist, his fans encouraged him more and more to be himself. What followed was eight years of slowly telling more and more people, until James Longman finally wrote his mother an email when he was 24.

James Longman is now engaged to his Boyfriend Alex

James Longman delighted his fans that he is engaged to his now fiancé Alex. The proposal happened in the middle of the pandemic at their house while Alex’s mother recorded the event.

The video of James Longman’s while proposing is posted on Instagram with Alex’s mother is the background explains to their niece and nephews what has happened. James Longman is an inspiration to many LGBTQ+ community members who share the same story.

In his social media, James Longman can be seen supporting and encouraging his fans to be their true self in his engagement video.

“There was quite a lot of crying.” James Longman adds.


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