Jake Tapper Net worth

jake tapper net worth
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It’s so much happening in the world right now that we too are switching from Netflix to news channels. Be it the ongoing and never-ending covid pandemic or the US 2020 elections. Each day brings tons of new excitement as well as heartbreaking news. 

Jake Tapper Net Worth is $10 Million

According to some reports, as of 2020, Jake Tapper has a net worth of $10 million, the same as many top-notch Hollywood divas. Though, Jake’s annual salary under his current CNN contract is $4 million. 

The Silver Lining for Journalists

Now, this has proved a silver lining for all the journalist and news reporters. Irrespective of the news being fake or not of our concern, one thing is for sure that they are getting paid and quite generously. 

One of which is CNN homeboy Jake Tapper. He is an American journalist, author, and cartoonist who is getting paid heftily for keeping us updated. There is a reason he comes under the category of richest journalists in the world.

How Did He Make Them?

Initially, Tapper worked with ABC News as Senior White House Correspondent. He was privileged with Merriman Smith Memorial Awards not just once but thrice. Tapper earned an Emmy Award for his coverage of the inauguration of President Obama and won an Edward R. Murrow Award for Breaking News for “Target bin Laden: The Death of Public Enemy #1

 Later in 2012 he officially joined CNN months later in January 2013, he started hosting his program, “The Lead with Jake Tapper“. 

As of today, Tapper serves as the Chief Washington Correspondent and anchor for CNN and is delivering explicit and interesting content on his program as well.

An Author and a Producer

Along with having a successful media career he has also written exemplary books including 2012’s “The Outpost: An Untold Story of American Valor” and 2018’s “The Hellfire Club” both of which ranked on New York Times Bestsellers List. After that he went on the lines of being a producer, for approx 9 consecutive years from 1994 to 2003 he produced a comic strip called “Capital Hell” 

Jake quelled the Republican Presidential primary debate held in 2015. The debate was a big feat as it attracted 23 million viewers which made it the most-watched program in CNN’s history and the second-most-watched primary of all time.

Is The CNN Star married?

Jake Tapper married the love of his life Jennifer Marie Brown in 2006 and is going strong ever since She is, a former Planned Parenthood official. The tapper family resides in Washington, D.C. with their two children.


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