Darren Rovell Net Worth

Darren Rovell Net Worth
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The former ESPN sports business reporter and currently working for The Action News, Darren Rovell is a popular sports business analyst from the States. He is like a father -figure for all sports enthusiasts and very well known in the field. While working with ESPN, he gained most of his popularity in delivering top-notch sports content working as a sports business expert.

If you know Darren, you must already come across his Twitter handle where he posts interesting updates of superfluous sale prices for baseball, football, and basketball cards. His Twitter account is the most fun thing to stalk.

Darren Rovell’s Net Worth

Though we do not have the factual figures, as per networthpost.org, Darren Rovell’s net worth is expected to be around $2 Million.

Darren Rovell strikes a deal for Johnny Manziel’s autographed card on eBay

In October 2020, Darren tweeted of his making an offer on the Johnny Manziel autographed card on eBay. Darren is known for tweeting about sport limited collections available on sites like eBay. Though this time he was making an offer on one such luxurious thing. Darren was ready to pitch in for the card with a $10,000 asking price. On 29 October he tweeted  

Well, Johnny Manziel’s inscription has hit eBay. A little more pricey than I had hoped. But I’m gonna put in an offer.”

Unfortunately, the card was sold at an astonishing price of $1200 before Rovell could pitch in. On the same day later at night he tweeted again giving updates regarding the deal.

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“eBay just sent me an email that my Johnny Manziel inscription sold for $1,200. I couldn’t make a deal fast enough.”

Though it is mind-blowing to witness such hard-core fans buying minimal things for thousands of dollars.

Darren Rovell’s career as a Sports Business Reporter

Apart from his remarkable work on ESPN, Darren is also appreciated for contributing significant knowledge on CNBC as a sports business reporter and also known for presenting five prime time documentaries on the channel.  It through his tenure on CNBC where he earned his first Emmy for covering the 2008 Elections.

In 2012 he rejoined ESPN as a sports business analyst. In between, he also worked briefly with ABC News as a non-sports business reporter. In his career span, he’s interviewed some big names from the sports community such as Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Maria Sharapova, Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, along with others. 

Darren Rovell’s life before ESPN

The American was born on June 30, 1978, on the streets of New York. In 1996, he graduated from Rosyln High school, New York. In college, he developed an interest in sports and was a member of a sports camp in the Berkshires named Camp Greylock. Soon after his education, he started interning at FoxSports.com.


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