Dan Harris Net Worth

dan harris net worth
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Dan Harris is a journalist and anchor for the Nightline, Good Morning America and ABC news.

He reported various natural disasters including an extensive coverage of Hurrican Katrina in 2005 and also covered mass shootings and multiple combat zones.

He also launched a mobile phone application called 10% Happier which was first put out in 2015 and it was based on a book.

Dan Harris is also the recipient of the Edward R. Murrow Award which he achieved after reporting news about an Iraqi man who struggled to move to America and also won an Emmy Award in 2009 for his report “How to Buy a Child In Ten Hours.”

Dan Harris Net Worth is around $2 Million

Dan Harris has an estimated net worth close to $2 Million and has a salary of $98 Thousand- $107 Thousand per month.

dan harris net worth
Source: Instagram

Dan Harris’s Recovery from Panic Attack On Live Television

In the year 2004, Dan Harris had to host the Good Morning America show and he was preparing for it. The show was said to have close to Five Million viewers. As the show began it was noticed that Dan Harris could not breathe and was profusely sweating. He realized that he was having a panic attack.

Dan Harris had suffered from the use of hard drugs but the doctors confirmed that he wasn’t under the influence while on the job.

When asked about the panic attack in an interview recently. Dan Harris said,

“I wasn’t high on air …. but the doctor pointed out, I had done enough [drugs] that it changed my brain chemistry.”

He also said that he began using drugs as something to turn to, to help fight his depression and the panic attack changed his life for good as it was when he decided to walk the road to sobriety and he discovered meditation really helped one calm themselves down.

He also wrote a book that spoke about argumentative mindfulness advocates unhappiness and how one should promote internal fixes like meditation and not turn to drugs.

Formative years of Dan Harris

Dan Harris was born on the 26th of July in the year 1971 in Newton, Massachusetts. His mother’s name is Nancy Lee Harris and is a pathologist at the Massachusetts General Hospital and is well versed in lymphomas. His father’s name is Jay R. Harris and is the chairman of the radiation oncology residency program at Harvard University. Dan Harris is half Jewish and also culturally Jewish, Dan Harris identifies himself as a Buddhist.

He also has a younger brother, Matthew Carmichael Harris who is a venture capitalist. Dan Harris is a graduate from the Colby College that is located in Waterville, Maine.

Dan Harris and his Personal Profile

Dan Harris got married to his girlfriend and Doctor, Bianca Harris. He is an extremely private person about his marriage. The couple however have no problems and live together happily with one son.


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