Corey Lewandowski Net Worth

corey lewandowski net worth
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The COVID-19 pandemic has engulfed almost the entire world. While the virus doesn’t discriminate and contracts everyone irrespective of their beliefs and ideologies, it seems as if the coronavirus is picking on Trump advisors one by one.

The latest addition to a long list of President Trump’s officials and advisors who contracted the virus is Corey Lewandowski. The campaign advisor to President Trump tested positive on Thursday. 

Lewandowski, who is 47 years old, confirmed through a text that he has tested positive for the coronavirus. When asked if he is facing any of the symptoms, Lewandowski replied : 

“I feel great.”

Corey Lewandowski Net Worth is estimated at $4M to $5M

Corey Lewandowski’s net worth would be roughly around $4 Million to $5 Million.

Lewandowski has had a prominent career in the world of American politics. Throughout his career, Lewandowski has donned several hats. He is primarily known for being a Campaign Manager and a lobbyist. But Lewandowski’s reach isn’t limited to that only, he is also a political commentator and an author.

Lewandowski worked as the Campaign Manager on President Trump’s 2016 Presidential campaign. The median salary of a Presidential Campaign Manager is around $125,000. He also works as an advisor and a political commentator on channels like CNN and Fox News. As per a rough estimate, Lewandowski’s monthly salary would be somewhat around $20,000

Latest in Trump’s Close Circle to Test Positive for COVID

While President Trump and close affiliates are all out protesting Joe Biden’s victory in elections, many of them are ending up testing positive for coronavirus.

The news is a little alarming since Corey Lewandowski would be just an addition to a very long list of Trump’s advisors who tested positive for the virus. 

Just last week, Trump’s Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson tested positive. But he wasn’t the only one. White House political affairs director Brian Jack, one of Trump’s political advisors David Bossie have all tested positive.

Most of the infected official’s contraction of the virus can be traced back to the election party that was hosted last week. Though Lewandowski has denied the possibility that he could’ve contracted the virus at the election party.

A great number of attendees at the party were seen without masks, even Ben Carson, who even attended rallies without the mask. But Lewandowski was seen donning a mask at the party.

Many were questioning the possibility that Lewandowski might’ve infected South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem as the two were campaigning for Trump together.

But the questions were soon put to rest by one of Noem’s staffers. The staffer said :

“She self-monitors for symptoms daily and feels great.”


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