Brianna Keilar Net Worth and Salary

In a time when most media house and journalists sell their souls to corporate overlords or politicians, very few have the courage to stand strong against these powers.

For the last four years, the American media has been more divided that it ever was. While a fair amount of blame can be put on President Trump and his regime for creating a political and philosophical divide to prolong their reign, journalists and new reporters with little to no integrity are also contributors to this divide.

Brianna Keilar is one of the most famous names in the world of new and journalism. She is one such news anchor who, time and again, has stood strong and never let her voice be shunned.

Keilar criticised the Trump’s elite circle when they disowned Sidney Powell and announced that she is not a part of President Trump’s legal team. She questioned why Powell’s claims are any different from that of other members of Trump’s legal team like Rudy Guiliani and Jenna Ellis, who previously made claims and accusations similar to that of Powell. Brianna Keilar said,

“Why Sidney Powell and not Rudy Giuliani? Guiliani, who couldnt answer basic legal questions in federal court; his performance a mockery by any objective court observer.”

Brianna Keilar Net Worth is around $8 Million

As of 2020, Brianna Keilar’s net worth can be estimated to be somewhat around $8 Million. Though no details of her contract or salary from CNN are available, an estimate can be made based on the salary of some other CNN anchors. The estimated pay scale for a news anchor at CNN is $64,367. Brianna has a higher net worth compared to Van Jones.

Since Keilar is a CNN veteran, her salary is definitely higher than that. By now Keilar is a veteran in the world of news reporting. For the majority of her career, the 40-year-old news anchor has worked for CNN.

Brianna Keilar lets loose as Trump’s Team disown Sidney Powell

After Trump’s “Elite Force” tried to distance itself from lawyer Sidney Powell, Keilar has found the news hard to be hard to digest. On her show on CNN, Keilar said,

“It’s unclear why she was ejected from Planet Trump’s orbit, but reports indicate that she was getting too fringe, which is odd because that doesn’t differentiate her from the rest of the Trump election legal team, it makes her fit right in there.”

On Sunday, Powell was disavowed by Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani and campaign legal adviser Jenna Ellis in a joint statement. The news was quite a shocker since Powell had appeared front and centre at a press conference with both Giuliani and Ellis just a few days earlier to launch a series of baseless allegations about a massive electoral fraud conspiracy involving George Soros, deceased Venezuelan leader Hugo Chávez and others. 

The CNN anchor further went on to explain that she thinks Powell was just a scapegoat. Keilar added,

“The idea that the president is losing patience with a conspiracy theorist is like the president growing tired of watching cable news. It’s simply not believable…..simply the fall guy for a president who likes to win”


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