Anderson Cooper Net Worth

anderson cooper net worth
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Anderson Cooper is one of the most popular anchors and TV personalities in the world. Throughout all his years in the news industry, Cooper has always been recognized as the stylish and flawless TV anchor of all time. But there is more to his rich and luxurious lifestyle. There were rumors that Cooper previously worked with the CIA on a major undercover operation. The rumors were then confirmed by Cooper himself during an interview with Variety in which he said that he was recruited by the Central Intelligence Agency to work undercover on a top-secret mission. Therefore, let’s dig into the life of Anderson Cooper

How Much Is Anderson Cooper Net Worth?

Though the CNN anchor has a rich and luxurious lifestyle, things haven’t been this easy for him. Since a very young age, Cooper has faced several twisted and tragic situations in life. But he was successfully able to tackle all of them to become the person he is now. As of 2020, Cooper’s net worth is estimated to be around a whopping $150M. A significant amount of his wealth comes from his journalistic career and the anchor of CNN. In addition to that, Cooper has also earned a substantial chunk of money during his time as a model as well as through the books he has written. It is being reported that Anderson Cooper’s net worth began to rise substantially after his stint as the  host of the reality game show called “The Mole

Anderson Cooper 360

American journalist, author, film, and television producer, as well as a presenter Anderson Hays Cooper, was born on 3 June 1967, in New York City the USA, and has also been a model, but is perhaps best recognized as a correspondent and journalist, who has worked with such TV news networks as ABC, CNN, and CBS, and even premiered his own syndicated talk show entitled “Anderson Live”. Cooper attended Dalton School and continued his studies at Yale University, from where he graduated with a BA degree in political science, deciding then to follow a career as a journalist.

Even though Anderson Cooper is primarily known as a television personality, he is also a freelance writer who has made numerous contributions to various magazines, and even published a memoir called “Dispatches from the Edge“. Apart from the books, Cooper has shown immense bravery and honesty in openly coming out as gay back in 2011. Cooper currently lives with his partner Benjamin Maisani in Connecticut

After a brief stint with ABC, Cooper went on to join CNN as an anchor. This turned out to be a breakthrough for Cooper which resulted in Cooper gaining immense popularity first across the United States and slowly worldwide. At CNN, Cooper was not only an anchor of “American Morning” and a host of “New Year’s Eve Special” segments but also had his own show called “Anderson Cooper 360”. Cooper managed to settle himself down on CNN, and in 2007 signed a deal with the network that doubled his annual salary, from two to four million dollars.

Anderson Cooper is adjusting to the dad life

Anderson Cooper announced that his son was been born via surrogate and he named him Wyatt Morgan Cooper. Anderson Cooper and Benjamin Maisani were dating each other for almost a decade.

After their break up a representative for Anderson said “Benjamin and I separated as boyfriends some time ago. We are still family to each other, and love each other very much. We remain the best of friends, and will continue to share much of our lives together.

After getting separated Anderson was linked to Victor Lopez a 34-year-old doctor.

Anderson plans to co-parent his son with former boyfriend Benjamin Maisani. He said “Even though we’re not together anymore … he’s my family and I want him to be Wyatt’s family as well,


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