Alex Jones Net Worth (Updated for 2023)

Alex Jones Net Worth

Alex Jones net worth is no conspiracy theory but a straight-up fact. According to sources, Alex Jones net worth ranges between $10 million to $15 million.

Alex Jones Bio

Who doesn’t love conspiracy theories? Be it TV shows or even real life, we all want to break out from the reality for a little while. If you’re into such thrilling theories you must’ve come across this far-right radio host and America’s leading conspiracy theorist Alexandra Jones, popularly known as Alex Jones.

This American radio host has always had devoted listeners and intact fame since the 1990s. and once he made his theories live, his show became the talk of the town in a short period. This all has led him to have a stunning and satisfactory net worth.

Alex Jones Career

Later in 1996, he switched to radio hosting and his first show was on KJFK (98.9 FM the final edition. Two years later he released his first movie named America Destroyed by Design.

In his career, Jones has led himself in many disputes. For instance, he was fired from KJFK-FM for refusing to expand his genres. The station’s operations manager said that Jones’s views made it difficult for the station to sell advertising to which he replied:

“It was purely political, and it came down from on high […] I was told 11 weeks ago to lay off Bill Clinton, to lay off all these politicians, to not talk about rebuilding the church, to stop bashing the Marines, A to Z. ”

But he was unstoppable. He began broadcasting his show from his house and made it go online. In 2001, hard work paid off as Jones’s radio show was syndicated on approximately 100 stations.

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Alex Jones and his Personal Life.

Alex was married to Kelly, his ex-wife in the year 2007 however, they both got divorced in the year 2015. He has three children from Kelly. Very recently, Kelly sought custody of three of their children citing his problematic behavior.

Alex Jones early life

Alex was born on Feb 11, 1974. Though he was born in Dallas, Texas, he was raised on the streets of Rockwall, and later in Austin. It was Austin where he commenced his career on a live, call-in format public-access cable television program.

Alex Jones fake news website: The Infowars!

If you haven’t heard of Infowars yet, it is a website loaded with conspiracy theories and fake news made by Jones, who is the publisher and director of the same. The funny thing is, the website even beats legit news websites like as The Economist and Newsweek as The InfoWars website receives approximately 10 million monthly visits, making its reach more extensive than any mainstream news websites. Alex didn’t have to flex so hard on us!

During 2015, he had formed a special relationship with the former President, Mr Donald Trump. Mr Trump was even heard saying Your reputation is amazing. I will not let you down.”

Alex Jones interview on accusations, conspiracy theories, and more.


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