Al Michaels Net Worth and Salary 2023 (Sportscaster)

al michaels net worth
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Al Michaels is currently the play-by-play announcer for Thursday Night Football on Prime Video and holds an emeritus position at NBC Sports. Having begun his network sports television career in 1971, Michaels has become a revered figure in the field, especially known for his work from 1976 to 2006 with ABC Sports. His tenure at NBC Sports commenced in 2006, where he significantly contributed to the success of Sunday Night Football. Throughout his illustrious career, Michaels has covered a plethora of major prime-time sports events, making him a standout sportscaster. He is the only announcer to have covered all four major U.S. sports championships: the Super Bowl, World Series, NBA Finals, and Stanley Cup, showcasing his versatility and expertise in the domain​​.

Al Michaels Net Worth

Al Michaels has a net worth of around $40 million. This financial standing is a testament to his enduring career in sports broadcasting, where he has been a significant play-by-play voice for NFL games among other major sports events. Sources suggest that Michaels’ earnings stem from decades of sports coverage, endorsement deals, and other ventures. He’s also known for his annual earnings from NBC, which were around $6 million, and his move to Amazon for Thursday Night Football might have also contributed to his net worth

How much is Al Michaels worth

Al Michaels is estimated worth is $40 million, accrued over a long and successful career as a sportscaster, covering numerous major sports events and earning from endorsement deals among other venture.

Al Michaels age

Al Michaels was born on November 12, 1944, which makes him 78 years old as of 2023.

Al Michaels annual earnings

Al Michaels reportedly earned $6 million per year with NBC. His earnings may have been influenced by his extensive experience and significant contributions to sports broadcasting, particularly his role as the play-by-play announcer for Sunday Night Football. Additionally, his move to Amazon for Thursday Night Football might have come with different financial terms, potentially impacting his annual earnings​

How much Al Michaels make?

Aside from his annual earnings from broadcasting, Al Michaels’ overall earnings may also come from endorsement deals and other ventures, although specific figures for these other sources of income have not been publicly disclosed. His long-term involvement in the industry and the high-profile nature of the events he covers likely contribute to his substantial net worth of around $40 million

Al Michaels salary

As of 2023, Al Michaels is one of the highest-paid sportscasters in the NFL, with his annual salary estimated to be around $15-$16 million. This substantial income comes as he is in the second year of a three-year deal, which is reputed to be around $15 million per year.

With Michaels covering all 16 of Amazon’s “Thursday Night Football” broadcasts, he earns roughly $1 million per game​​. Another source mentions that according to the New York Post, he will earn around $10 million annually, amounting to around $30 million for his three-year contract​​. However, during his tenure with NBC, his salary was around the $6 million per annum mark​​.

Al Michaels Awards

Over the years, Al Michaels has been recognized with several prestigious awards for his exemplary contributions to sports broadcasting. Notably, he won the 2021 Ford C. Frick Award, which is emblematic of baseball broadcasting excellence. This award added him to an elite group of broadcasters who have won both the Pete Rozelle Radio and Television Award presented by the Pro football Hall of Fame and the Frick award​​.

Furthermore, Michaels has won six Sports Emmys and received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences in 2011​​. The Ford C. Frick Award, presented by the National Baseball Hall of Fame, was also conferred to Michaels for his “major contributions to baseball” as a broadcaster​.

Al Michaels Wife

Al Michaels is married to Linda Anne Stamaton, with whom he tied the knot on August 27, 1966. The couple first crossed paths at Hamilton High School in Los Angeles where they were both students. Their relationship blossomed over the years, leading to their eventual marriage.

They have two children together, named Jennifer and Steven. Linda Anne Stamaton has been a supportive partner, standing by Al Michaels throughout his broadcasting career. Despite her husband’s spotlight in the sports broadcasting arena, she has maintained a private life, with a notable interest in sports, particularly hockey​​.

What is Al Michaels Diet?

Al Michaels is known for his peculiar dietary habits, particularly his aversion to vegetables, a trait traced back to his childhood. Despite his senior age, Michaels adheres to a childlike rule of avoiding vegetables in his meals, affirming that he has never consumed them.

The broadcaster’s diet generally comprises lean proteins, whole grains, and fruits, while steering clear of processed foods and sugary drinks. During broadcasts, Michaels has a routine of snacking on Snackwell cookies, Junior Mints, and green grapes, paired with coffee. He often has a light dinner during the second half of his broadcasts, managing to sneak in bites amidst commercial breaks. His dietary preferences and habits have been a topic of discussion among audiences and colleagues alike, with some finding humor in his staunch avoidance of vegetables​.


Q. How many Emmys has AI Michaels won?

A. Al Michaels has won seven Emmy Awards.

Q. When was AI Michaels inducted into the Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame?

A. Al Michaels was inducted into the Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame in 2020.

Q. What is Al Michaels most popular catch phrase?

A. Al Michaels’s most iconic catch phrase is “Do you believe in miracles?!” which he uttered during his memorable coverage of the 1980 Winter Olympics.

Q. What networks has AI Michaels covered for?

A. Al Michaels is best known for his role as the play-by-play announcer for Monday Night Football on ABC and NBC.


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