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al michaels net worth
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Linda Anne Stamaton is the wife of sportscaster Al Michaels. The couple met during their high school years at Hamilton High School in Los Angeles and later got married on August 27, 1966. Their marriage has endured for over five decades, and they have two children together, Jennifer and Steven.

Linda Anne Stamaton has been a supportive partner to Al Michaels throughout his broadcasting career. Although she has maintained a relatively private life away from the public eye, it’s known that she has an interest in sports, particularly hockey. Her support has played a significant part in Al Michael’s successful career, as she stood by him through various phases of his life and profession. Despite her husband’s high-profile status in the sports broadcasting world, Linda Anne Stamaton has chosen to keep a low profile, maintaining her privacy while nurturing her family.

Al Michaels Family

Al Michaels was born into a family of four in Brooklyn, New York. His parents are Jay Leonard Michaels and Lila Roginsky, and he has two siblings: a younger brother named David, who is a television producer, and a sister named Susan.

The family relocated to Los Angeles due to the unstable economy. Al Michaels is married to Linda Anne Stamaton and they have two children together named Jennifer Michaels Cohn and Steven Michaels. Jennifer is married to Jeff Cohn, founder and CEO at Syndicated Maps, and they have two children, Nate Cohn and Emily Cohn. Al Michaels’ mother, Lila, was described as a lively person, reminiscent of Phyllis Diller and Joan Rivers, and was seen as the life of the neighborhood they lived in​​.

Al Michaels Wife

Al Michaels is married to Linda Anne Stamaton. The couple tied the knot on August 27, 1966, after having met during their high school years at Hamilton High School in Los Angeles​.

Linda Anne Stamaton Age

The exact age or birthdate of Linda Anne Stamaton hasn’t been publicly disclosed. Given that they met during high school and have been married since 1966, it’s likely that Linda Anne Stamaton is around the same age as Al Michaels, who was born on November 12, 1944, which would make her around 78 or 79 years old as of 2023.

Linda Anne Stamaton Accident

There isn’t reliable information regarding an accident involving Linda Anne Stamaton, Al Michaels’ wife. However, rumors suggest that Al Michaels and his wife were involved in a plane crash in New York City in 1993, but neither of them has confirmed these allegations​​.

Al Michaels House

Al Michaels resides in Los Angeles, California, specifically in the Indian Wells region which is close to the sea. It appears that he has multiple properties, as he’s reported to have a house in Los Angeles and also spends part of his time in a house in Indian Wells, California. The houses are seen as a testament to his long and successful career in sports broadcasting, reflecting his status as one of the prominent figures in his profession.

Al Michaels Daughter

Al Michaels’ daughter is Jennifer Michaels Cohn. She is married to Jeff Cohn, the founder and CEO at Syndicated Maps, and they have two children together, Nate Cohn and Emily Cohn

Al Michaels Family

RelationshipNameAdditional Information
FatherJay Leonard Michaels
MotherLila Roginsky
BrotherDavid MichaelsTelevision Producer
WifeLinda Anne StamatonMarried on August 27, 1966
DaughterJennifer Michaels CohnMarried to Jeff Cohn
SonSteven Michaels
GrandsonNate CohnChild of Jennifer Michaels Cohn
GranddaughterEmily CohnChild of Jennifer Michaels Cohn
Son-in-lawJeff CohnFounder and CEO at Syndicated Maps

Linda Anne Stamaton Net Worth

The exact net worth of Linda Anne Stamaton, Al Michaels’ wife, isn’t publicly disclosed, as she is not known to work in any particular field and tends to maintain a low profile. However, some online sources speculate that her net worth is around $20 million, but these figures are not verified and should be taken with caution​​. It’s more common for the net worth of her spouse Al Michaels, to be reported, which stands around $40 million, based on his long-standing career in sports broadcasting​​. Linda Anne Stamaton enjoys a comfortable lifestyle due to her husband’s successful career, which allows her to maintain a wealthy existence, even without a publicly known professional income or net worth​


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