Amazon Alexa to perform Complex Tasks


This article is about Amazon Alexa. It will soon plan your family night out, movie dates and book an Uber too. As we all know, Alex is Amazon’s personal assistant which performs various tasks like playing music, etc. And it will be performing more complex tasks from now on. It will be able to execute a complete family night out experience where it may book the movie (and let you watch a trailer too), make a restaurant reservation and pre- book an Uber to take all of you there- all seamlessly and in a jiffy.

The Reports

Recently The head scientist and Alexa Vice President Rohit Prasad told a packed house, “we envision a world where customers will converse more naturally with Alexa: seamlessly transitioning between skills, asking questions, making choices, and speaking the same way they would with a friend, family member or co-worker. Our objective is to shift the cognitive burden from the customer to Alexa”.

According to the reports, An Alexa customer planning a family movie night out must interact independently with multiple skills to find a list of local theatres playing a particular movie, identify a restaurant near one of them, and then purchase movie tickets, book a table, and perhaps order a ride.
The cognitive burden of carrying information across skills –such as time, number of people, and location—rests with the customer.

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Prasad added to his statement,

“With this new approach, Alexa will predict a customer’s latent goal from the direction of the dialogue and proactively enable the conversation flow across topics and skills. This is a big leap for conversational AI.”

He also announced the developer preview of “Alexa Conversations”, a new deep learning- based approach for skill developers to create more-natural voice experiences with less effort, fewer lines of code and less training data than before.
Prasad noted,

“ it’s way easier to build a complex voice experience with Alexa Conversations due to its underlying deep-learning- based dialog modeling”.

The Tweet

EPTAC Corporation tweeted about a year ago,

“As AI continues to grow and expand on existing capabilities, check out this article to learn how MIT engineers are teaching AI to perform household chores, allowing smart systems like Amazon’s Alexa to complete more complete tasks”.


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