All American season 3 will be back and here’s what we can expect (Predictions)

A side effect of being stuck at home for hours during this time of social distancing is boredom, which is why it’s not surprising that people are binging shows like there is no tomorrow. One of those shows is the CW drama All American, which has become a major hit once it arrived on Netflix. The show revolves around a young African- American high school transplant, Spencer James playing football at an elite Los Angeles high school. 

Although the show did not have a very large audience on CW, according to reports, it found a more dedicated base once it moved to Netflix. Surprised by the popularity of the show, which is now on par with CW’s other hit, Riverdale, there’s a good chance it might achieve higher ratings and a bigger fan base. 

What will All American Season 3 be about? 

Sometimes we like a show so much that it is the only thing we talk about, and such is the case for All American. Fans did not disappoint as they listed out their favorite predictions and what we can expect to see in season 3 

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Prediction #1: MO will get revenge

During the last minutes of season 2, fans are revealed that MO is Tyrone’s sister who was murdered. At the very end, we see Mo sitting in a car glaring at Coop as he was one of the people responsible for Tyrone’s downfall. 

Prediction #2: Spencer James’s shoulder is still injured.

Another big question that has puzzled fans, is if Spencer’s shoulder is still hurt? Even though he was told by his doctor that it was healed, the season finale reveals that there might have been possible side effects to his injury. 

Prediction #3: Olivia Baker will deal with alcohol issues

Olivia manages to be sober for a year, but with her father no longer around the house, her mother’s busy schedule, and her brother’s new relationship she might fall into temptation again in the upcoming season. 

Prediction #4: Coach Baker will coach at South Crenshaw

As season 2 ends, we see coach baker finally resigning as the head coach of Beverly Eagles. Spencer James decides to return to south Crenshaw and proposes how he might win the state championship under a new coach. As they talk more, we see that Billy agrees. Fans can expect season 3 to kick-start where season two left off: Jordan is prepared to make major changes in his personal life, Spencer’s loyalties will come into question again as he battles with his injury and with the added responsibility of winning the state championship, while Olivia is attempting to sort out her sobriety issues. 

While no details have been provided as to when the next season will be released, as per IMDB, it might be in October. Since the production has been halted there is no trailer as of now but fans can rest assured that the new sleeper hit will be back with a bang! 

That’s it from us, stay tuned for more news. 


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