Aislinn Derbez and Mauricio Ochmann announce their separation on Instagram

Relationships in the glam and entertainment industry can get quite volatile and unstable. They are sometimes involved in scandals and ugly breakups. This story of Aislinn Derbez and Mauricio Ochmann also grabbed a lot of eyeballs of its followers right since the beginning, a couple which had maintained their silence about their relationship. Now they have come out in the open about the sad news of their separation after 4 years of marriage.

This news came after the arrival of their beautiful daughter Kailani Ochmann Derbez.  Aislinn Derbez and Mauricio Ochmann’s relationship seemed to grow fonder than before as they shared adorable videos of the growth of their daughter.

The speculation around the news of their separation was made public just a month ago after spotting Aislinn Derbe traveling alone and her (ex)husband-actor Mauricio Ochmann was in a different city without wanting to comment on plans of work of his partner. Eventually, they took to their official Instagram accounts on March 12 to announce their separation.

“We would like to communicate here that everything that has come out in notes and speculations about us is quite far from reality. We tell them that yes, something very important is indeed happening, something that we have been solving for several months. Making the decision to change dynamics from the deep requires a lot of courage, especially when there is such an immense love between us”. They also mentioned “We decided for a while to strengthen the friendship relationship and stop the couple relationship. Retake individuality to investigate what is happening, give space to heal, rebuild, transform. And in that reconstruction, we are open to what may happen “.

Source: Instagram

They also said “Our opinions towards the media will diminish for a time since we are going to be careful of speculations and meddles that contaminate our relationship, which, for us, has always been sacred. We have never had a problem in being transparent and we will continue to be as it is part of our essence”. “We need time, space and above all a LOT of respect on your part to be able to find out little by little and privately what comes next. The family that we have formed together is our priority and we will always defend it”.

The actors had married in May 2016 in Tepoztlán, Mexico. by shamanic rituals. Their daughter Kailani is 2 years old.


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