Addison Rae will feature in The Kid LAROI’s music video

Currently having over 28 million followers on her TikTok account, Addison Rae is one of the biggest TikTok stars out there. Like almost all TikTok stars, Addison was not on a mission to achieve fame via TikTok. She first made a post with a friend and it received 93,000 likes out of nowhere, she was overwhelmed and she wanted to make more videos. She continued, and made some videos with her mom and that went viral and made Addison the star she is today.

Addison’s mom and dad frequently feature in her TikTok videos and receive immense love from her fans.

The Kid LAROI was in his studio one day when his friend Haam made a beat and the first thing he said was, “I need a bad bitch, Addison Rae”. It was only 3-4 lines but he wanted to put it out there and so he made a TikTok out of it. Addison caught this snippet and made a TikTok video of herself on it which went viral.


moms reaction to hearing the song @sherinicolee

♬ Addison Rae – The Kid LAROI

When Addison asked The Kid LAROI whether it was a complete song, he said yes, and went on to make a proper track of it. The song is titled “Addison Rae” and talks about relationships.

Addison offered to feature in the music video of this song and The Kid LAROI gracefully agreed to it. The music video hasn’t been made yet but he assured that Addison will definitely be in it.

Addison plans to get into acting and capitalize on her talents. She is a brilliant dancer, and has been interested in fashion, dance ad modelling since her childhood.

The southern girl is also the co-founder and member of ‘The Hype House’, which is a collaboration of 14 TikTok stars. These 14 content creators live in the same house which is called the Hype House. It is in Los Angeles. They make content together, think of creative ideas, help and support each other, and bring each other up. For them, it is about coming together and doing the thing they love.

Addison seldom opens about her love life but she revealed to Holy Wire that she had her first kiss in front of her parents. Well, that would’ve been awkward. Moving on to recent times, she is paired with the YouTube star, Bryce Hall. Both of them frequently appear in each other’s videos but none of them has yet confirmed this rumor. But we’re keeping our hopes up.


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