Adam Ray Okay with James Charles- The collaboration of the decade

Adam Martinez has been taking TikTok down with his alter ego Rosa who wears poorly-adhered lashes and under-blended contour.
People have been loving her rants and this gave her the viral fame which led on to get her headlines in the biggest of the newspapers. And everyone went crazy when they saw a James Charles and Rosa collaboration in a YouTube video titled “Dude Come Here… Giving Rosa A Makeover” took off from Rosa’s famous tagline. In the 14 minutes long video, Martinez, the TikToker talks about the Debut Rosa and ow he struggled to give a name to the alter ego. “I sat there and I was like, ‘what is a good name?  I need something that’s not too basic, but basic,'” Martinez admitted.

He also talked about the inspiration for the character, that is, the girls in his high school, he cleared the context and stated that he doesn’t want to be rude to them or throw shade at them. The TikToker doesn’t seem to have processed the fact that he has millions of followers as he was very humble and down to earth, he shared that he might add new members to cast of the short videos to give certain shape his content like a boyfriend or family members.

James Charles, the young YouTuber has a whopping number of 17.4 million followers and has been hanging out a lot lately with fellow TikTokers like the Hype House and his recent video with the TikTok sensation Charlie D’Amelio that has more than 4 million views on his channel alone.

He has been in the social media industry for as long as anyone can remember, he made a name for himself and a strong foundation to speak what he thinks is right. For his open support to the LGBTQ+ society and being a part of it has also played a huge role in his clout.

Martinez has about 3.9 million followers on TikTok and number is only known to grow past few months.  The collaboration video within few hours of the upload had already gone 458,000 views. This only speaks about hoe popular both of these social media stars are.


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