Rashida Jones Net Worth

Rashida Jones Net Worth
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Rashida Jones attended Hampton University, majoring in Broadcasting. She started her career extremely young as she joined WTKR in Norfolk, New York as a show director while she was only a senior.  After several years, she moved as a weekend producer in The Weather Channel and became a director in 2009.

The 39-year-old later worked in California for WIS-TV as a news director, then she moved to New York City to work for MSNBC, her current workplace to work as an executive producer for daytime shows. Rashida Jones was named the next president of the major news channel MSNBC on Monday.

Rashida Jones eventful work-life but tasteless personal

As the President approaches 40 in a month, not much is known of her personal life. Rashida Jones was born on 11 January 1981 in the U.S. not much is known of her parents either, the only detail that is known is that her father is a boxer. Ms. Jones doesn’t seem to talk much about her personal life as she values her privacy.

She reportedly happens to be presently single but it is said that she has a daughter named Laila but it isn’t known who her father is yet.

Rashida Jones’s Net Worth

Since 2017, Rashida Jones worked as a Senior Vice President for MSNBC, her salary was $213,696 but now she has become the first black president of a news cable channel so her new salary should be between $260,000 and $310,000.

Coude on Rashida becoming the president “If you’ve worked with Rashida on any of those endeavors, you know that she has an outstanding track-record and she leads with a laser-like focus and grace under pressure. I know she will be an excellent leader for MSNBC.”

Rashida Jones (actress) gives her regards to Rashida Jones on her historical moment

Rashida Jones after being named the successor of Phil Griffin as the President of MSNBC and the first black woman to be the president of a cable news channel made many women of color proud and the actress Rashida Jones is one of them.

It is no doubt that the actress is often confused for her name doppelganger Rashida Jones, she is neither less happy for her. There was a time when the actress’s mother passed away and fans tweeted to Rashida, the news channel reporter for condolences which created an incredibly awkward moment.

“Congrats to Rashida Jones!” The Los Angeles native and the show “the office” actor, 44, said on Instagram  “The FIRST BLACK PERSON EVER to run a major cable news network!!”.


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