Letitia Wright Net Worth

Letitia Wright Net Worth
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When the world was still trying to come to terms with a pandemic, misinformation and fakes news has only gotten more widespread. For about a year now, the world has been looking forward to a COVID vaccine. 

After months of development, some countries and pharmaceutical companies have come up with a vaccine. While the vaccines’ mass distribution might take time, fake articles and news stories about the hazardous after effect of the vaccine are already circulating.

Contributing to these anti-vac conspiracies and fake news is none other than the ‘Black Panther‘ actress, Letitia Wright. The 27-year-old actress recently shared a video that questioned the effectiveness of a potential coronavirus vaccine and vaccines in general. What followed was social media backlash slamming the actress for spreading false information. Even her ‘Avenger’s: Endgame’ co-star, Don Cheadle, criticized her for doing so. In his tweet, Don said,

“I would never defend anybody posting this. but I still won’t throw her away over it. the rest I’ll take off Twitter. had no idea.”

Letitia Wright’s Net Worth is Approximately $5 Million

According to various sources, the British-Guyanese actress Letitia Wright has a net worth of approximately $5 Million.

Though she is still relatively young in the business of Hollywood, she has earned quite a wealth for herself. This means that the 27-year-old actress was paid quite a heavy amount for her role as “Shuri” in Marvel Studios’ ‘Black Panther‘ and ‘Avengers’ movies. 

The backlash from the internet and the Repercussions of sharing misinformation

With so many different kinds of opinions and information flowing around on the internet, one can simply not afford to believe anything with a shred of doubt in their hearts. When the age of digital media dawned upon the world, no one could’ve predicted that this era of free-flowing and unlimited information would one day lead to the collapse of our realities. 

Every Facebook post, YouTube video, Whatsapp forwards has a hidden ulterior motive to make people believe what they want them to believe. This suspends all notions of reality, and people can no longer differentiate truth from lies. These false information channels get an additional boost of belief from when a well-known celebrity shares them without thinking of the consequences.

That is exactly why fans and ‘Ironman‘ actor Don Cheadle criticized Letitia Wright for sharing the anti-vaccination YouTube video. The video was from a discussion channel called ‘On The Table.’ In the video, the host of the show, Tomi Arayomi, said,

“I don’t understand vaccines medically, but I’ve always been a little bit of a skeptic of them.”

Letitia’s 360,000 Twitter followers immediately criticized her for sharing a video that made unsubstantiated claims about the dangers of taking vaccines. The actress replied to the retweets and comments of a lot of her followers, explaining her perspective. She said,

“Just using my own mind to think – which I’m free to do. If you don’t conform to popular opinions. but ask questions and think for yourself….you get canceled.”


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