Cazzie David Net Worth

cazzie david net worth
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You must have come across Cazzie David either because of her movies and shows or her controversial romantic relationship with her ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson. Cazzie is an American actor, a writer who is popularly known for her TV show Eighty-Sixed playing the character Remi or you must remember her from the infamous show Hannah Montana.

Cazzie David Net Worth is $400 thousand

Cazzie is successfully running the David family acting business and doing quite decently in the movie biz. In the dream of building a fortune just like her father’s, she is working hard to deliver the best roles. Her estimated net worth as of 2020 is $400 thousand. Though, she needs to buckle up to match her father’s standards who has a net worth of $450 million!

Like Father, Like Daughter

Cazzie is seen following the footsteps of her father Lawrence Gene David known as Larry David who is also an actor, writer, producer, and known for his work on the most popular sitcom of the 90s Seinfeld. Larry became famous for his work for the series “Seinfeld” which won awards in both categories, best series and best comedy writing in 1993. Let’s zoom in a little bit and view Cazzie’s life up close.

According to Cazzie, Pete scattered their 2.5 years long relationship through a text.

Cazzie finally opened up to talk about her personal life and gave the aftermath of her separation from Pete Davidson. She was in a long term relationship with well-liked American stand up artist and actor Pete. They broke up in 2018 but she renewed this topic in her recent essay titled ‘No One Asked for This’ which is going to release on November 17. According to some sources like the Los Angeles Times, we could gather insights from the article. 

Cazzie discovered the comedian’s relationship with Ariana Grande through Instagram

She had a precious relationship with Pete for 2.5 years until Cazzie realized she wanted something else from life and took a brief break from the Saturday Night Live comedian. Though the couple decided to reunite only to break up again. According to Cazzie, Pete broke up with her immaturely through a text and permanently ended their relationship. And the very next day she discovered him dating the pop star Ariana grande through Instagram. Cazzie also explained her mental and physical state after the breakup and thanked her family who helped her to pull herself together and focus on her career. 

Cazzie’s journey up close.

The daughter of the richest comedian was born on 10 May 1994 in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. The American is 26 years as of 2020. All thanks to the genes, Cazzie’s work in the comedy genre has been remarkable. She shared the screen with her father and sister in Hanna Montanna followed by working in long ongoing series, “CollegeHumor Original” for which she was very well appreciated. 


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